Metallic Impressions - US - Jedi Knights Tin Set (1998)


Created by Metallic Impressions in 1997, the Jedi Knight metal card set comes in a small tin which includes the 20th anniversary logo in its decorations. The tin is decorated on all sides. Like all of the metal cards created by Metallic Impressions, the cards feature high quality images on an enduring surface. Unlike their other sets, this one does not appear to be limited in production number. The set includes 6 cards. Each card is wrapped in protective plastic inside the tin for safer storage.

A second version of this same tin set was created exclusively for Avon. The Avon version of the tin set came packaged in a round tin, with only five cards. Four of the cards are the same, but in place of the Luke vs. Vader card there is a card for Anakin. The fifth card of the set is a Wampa card.

Thanks to Keith, whose great website you should visit, for the additional information on the Avon set.

Special thanks to Dalton Mayo for providing scans from the Avon set, as well as additional info on the differences between the standard and Avon sets.

Card Values
· set value: $10-15
· single: $1

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Card NumberDescription
1Luke Skywalker
2Obi-Wan Kenobi
3Jedi Master Yoda
4Luke Vs. Vader / Anakin in Avon Set
5Anakin Skywalker
6SE Mos Eisley Spaceport
Avon Bonus CardWampa