LucasFilm Fan Club - UK - Fan Club Card Set (1998)


Although not widely available, and I do not have these to trade at this time, I am providing information about these cards to inform other collectors.

In 1997, the UK created its own officially licensed fan club. This fan club is actually two separate fan clubs, one for adult members, and one for children. The adult fan club strives to provide coverage of interest to general fans, with a UK focus, while the children's fan club provides kids with Star Wars posters, stickers, a birthday card, and similar pursuits. Called Skywalkers, the children's version of the club originally provided kids with 6 unique trading cards. These cards are now also given to adult members who join the general fan club. At this time, the cards are still only available to people who join one of these two fan clubs. Membership to the clubs is still limited to residents of the UK, making these a very limited card set.

If you really want these cards, make friends with someone in the UK, and convince them to join the club on your behalf. Hopefully they are still available.

The cards are slightly oversized (taller than average trading cards). They are printed on very thin paper stock. The front of each card features a photo of a major character, with their name in semi-transparent letters (the background is visible through the name). The back of each card indicates whether the character was with the Rebellion or the Empire, has their name again, a quote about that character from the movies, and some background information, along with the club name of Skywalkers. The image from the front of the card is repeated on the back, but blended against a star field (all except Leia).

Card Values
·  set value: $40
·  single: $5-10

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Card NumberDescription
no numberChewbacca
no numberPrincess Leia
no numberLuke Skywalker
no numberDarth Vader
no numberHan Solo
no numberYoda