Unproduced - Prototype Drivers License Cards (1997)


Many companies seek to create products for the Star Wars line. Attempting to gain product licensing, and actually getting it are very different things however. The cards described below, were created by a company that hoped to produce these under license from LucasFilm. The project was turned down however. Although I don't personally know anything about the negotiations, my guess would be they were turned down due to their similarity to the small cards already being produced by Antioch Publishing. I came into possession of these cards after a friend of mine purchased them at auction on eBay! It is unclear exactly how many prototype sets were created.

The cards are designed to look like a driver's license (each stating it is a pilot license). Each has a license number, expiration date, the name and description of the character, as well as a character photo. Luke at least, was definitely having one of those days at the DMV where you just aren't going to take a good picture! :o) Each license also has a signature. Only Chewbacca's is done in Star Wars lettering style. A logo appears in the center of each license. Interestingly, they are not the usual logos associated with the rebel alliance or galactic empire.

Card Values
·  set value: collector interest only

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Card NumberDescription
3756412312Han Solo
4273315612Darth Vader
4123756312Obi-Wan Kenobi
1233756412Luke Skywalker