Topps - US - Special Edition Hobby (1997)


For 1997, Topps created two special card sets celebrating the Special Edition movies. One card set was created for the retail market, including toy stores, candy stores, and your local Target and Wal-Mart. A second set was created for the Hobby shop market. Unlike the retail set, the Hobby SE Set focused on the Star Wars movie, rather than all three films, and had a gold colored border for the cards.

The hobby version of the cards featured a gold colored card border, and a foil widevision stamp in one corner of the card. The set had 72 cards, all but 6 focusing on Star Wars SE. The cards include interesting behind the scenes information about the Special Edition of Star Wars on the back.

There were a total of eight chase cards for the set, six were the new Topps laser cut cards, different from those made for the retail version of the set, and two were hologram cards.

The cards were understandably popular with collectors, and boxes are no longer easy to find.

Card Values
·  set value: $30-35
·  unopened box: $85
·  single: $0.50
·  chase: varies

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Card NumberDescription
1Escape Pod Away
2Sandtroopers and Dewback
5Jawas at Lars Farm
6Twin Suns
8Mos Eisley Overlook
9Ranats Near Mos Eisley
10Entering the City Streets
11A View From Above
12Rontos in the Distance
13Droids at Work
14Rearing Ronto
15Falling Jawa
16On Your Way
17Jawa Looks at Speeder
18Driving Past a Ronto
19Outside the Cantina
20Droids Outside the Cantina
21Dismounting a Dewback
22Cantina Aliens
23Blowing Smoke
24Patrolling Mos Eisley Streets
25Patrolling With a Droid
26The Young Jabba
27Jabba Hands on Hips
28"Look Jabba"
29Han and Jabba Side-by-Side
30Stepped on Tail
32Falcon Surrounded
33Falcon Takes Off
34Leaving Mos Eisley
35Death Star Near Alderaan
36Nowhere to Go
37Falcon Near Yavin
38Massassi Temple
39Yavin IV Forest
40X-Wing Fleet
41X-Wing Close-Up
42Fleet Approaches Death Star
43Cockpit View
44Death Star
45Above the Death Star
47Firing Towers
48TIE Fires
49TIE Chases X-Wing
50Exploding TIE
51Exploding X-Wing
52Attack Formation
53Surface Explosion
54Firing in the Trench
55Darth and Escorts
56Explosion in the Trench
57R2 Makes Repairs
58The Exhaust Port
59Leaving the Death Star Behind
60Heroes Walk
61Wampa Close-Up
62Wampa Feasting
63Wampa Approaches
64Cloud City Sketch
65Landing Platform Sketch
66Bespin Sketch
67New Dancers
68New Band Members
70Oola and Other Dancers
71Band Sketch
72Ewok Celebration Sketch
Chase Cards
1 of 6Cantina Aliens
2 of 6Han and Jabba
3 of 6Captured by Star Destroyer
4 of 6Captured Wookie
5 of 6X-Wings
6 of 6TIE Cockpit
Hologram 1X-Wings Near Yavin
Hologram 2The Falcon