Topps - Special Edition Retail (1997)


For 1997, Topps created two special card sets celebrating the Special Edition movies. One card set was created for the retail market, including toy stores, candy stores, and your local Target and Wal-Mart. A second set was created for the Hobby shop market.

The retail version of the cards, also known as Super Wide Movie Cards, features 72 cards, equally divided between the three movies. The cards follow the plot line of each movie with new photos, including many of the new scenes. Six chase cards for the set were the new Topps laser cut cards. These are different from the laser cut cards created for the Hobby version of the set.

The retail cards sold well, and were generally easier to find than the Hobby version of the set. These cards were also distributed throughout Europe. In the Netherlands, these were distributed as part of a Pepsi promotion.

Thanks to David Pipgras for the detailed information on promo cards.

Card Values
·  set value: $20-25
·  unopened box: $50
·  single: $0.25
·  chase: $5-10

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Card NumberDescription
1In the Belly of the Beast
2Leia "Feeds" R2-D2
3Demanding an Answer
4A Desolate Desert
5"Look Sir, Droids!"
6A Plea for Help
7Alone in Thought
8Sand People Strike
9Kenobi Gets the Message
10Into Mos Eisley
11Greedo's Unlucky Day
12A Deal is Struck
13Moff Tarkin's Surprise
14Let the Wookiee Win!
15Into the Enemy Lair
16A Close -and Smelly - Call
17Fight to the End
18Han Hits His Mark
19Preparing For Action
20X-Wings Attack
21The Battle Unfolds
22Into the Trench
23The Dark Lord Attacks
24Hitting Their Target
25Imperial Snoop
26Abominable Wampa
27Rejuvenating Bacta Bath
28Vader's Meditation Ends
29Lumbering Metal Monsters
30Harpooning a Whale
31Fire and Ice
32Han Plays Chicken
33Down in Desolate Dagobah
34Luke Takes Aim
35Vader and His Master
36Shelter From a Storm
37Smoking Them Out
38Size Matters Not
39Vader Hires Boba Fett
40Chasing After Solo
41Luke's Balancing Act
42A Cloud City Welcome
43Friend or Foe?
44A Surprise Dinner Guest
45Loved Ones Part
46Lightsaber Blow
47A Terrible Blow
48A Life Suspended
49Under Construction
50Vader Motivates the Troops
51A Slimy Crime Kingpin
52Han Comes to Life
53A Jedi Tries Reason
54Sarlacc Sightseeing Tour?
55Fighting Fett
56Luke and Leia Swing
57The Emperor Arrives
58Visit to an Old Friend
59Rebel Fleet at the Ready
60Into Enemy Territory
61Chase Through the Forest
62Threepio Tells Tales
63Vader Comes for Luke
64Leading the Attack
65Running for Cover
66Fully Operational!
67Crushing an Enemy
68A Turn to the Darkside?
69The Emperor's Lightening
70The Emperor Goes Soaring
71One Last Look
72Together in the Force
Chase Cards
1 of 6Leia Hologram
2 of 6Falcon into Hyperspace
3 of 6Demotion
4 of 6The Emperor's Holo
5 of 6Sarlacc Pitt
6 of 6Lightening
P1Stormtroopers in Desert - San Diego ComicCon '96
P2Jabba Near Falcon - SW Galaxy Magazine #10
P3X-Wing Fighter Squadron - Wizard
P4Sandcrawler SW - 3Di Boxes
P5Jawa SW - 3Di Boxes
P6Millennium Falcon w/ Stormtroopers - SW 3Di Boxes
P7Landspeeder at Mos Eisley - Wizard Sci-Fi Invasion #1
P8Dancers in Jabba's Court - Combo Magazine #27
H1Millennium Falcon Escaping Mos Eisley - Kenner Toys
H2Massassi Ruins on Yavin - Kenner Toys
H3Han Solo and Jabba - Kenner Toys
H4Working Droids - Kenner Toys
G1R2-D2 on the X-Wing - Galoob Toys
G2TIE chasing X-Wing - Galoob Toys
G3Luke in Landspeeder - Galoob Toys
G4Mos Eisley - Galoob Toys
G5Jawa Riding Ronto - Galoob Toys