Topps - Europe - Candy Head Promotional Cards (1997)


Star Wars collectors living in Europe, or almost any other non-U.S. location, had the opportunity during the Special Editions to purchase Pez candy heads, complete with special Topps cards. The candy heads come both singly, and in 4-packs.

There are four different heads to collect; Yoda, Chewie, Darth, and C-3P0.

There are 10 cards to collect. You receive all 10 cards when you purchase the 4-pack, and this is the only way to receive the cards in mint condition. Cards packed with the single candy heads are generally slightly warped, from being pushed up against the head. The reverse side of each card contained a full card image different from the front side.

The candy heads are actually small plastic heads that are filled with small Star Wars candies. Made by the Pez company, these are not traditional Pez dispensers.

Card Values
·  set value: $10-15
·  single: $1-2

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Card NumberDescription
1 of 10Darth Vader
2 of 10Han and Chewie
3 of 10Yoda
4 of 10Luke in Gun Turret
5 of 10Boba Fett
6 of 10R2-D2
7 of 10Obi-Wan
8 of 10C-3P0
9 of 10Leia
10 of 10Ackbar