Rowntrees - UK - Ice Cream Tattoos (1997)


A thank you goes out to Mark Howard of the UK for adding significantly to the limited information available on this set. Until recently, all of my information was based on the fact that a friend of mine had sent me a small blue wrapper that had come from ice cream in the UK. Inside the small blue wrapper was a pair of rub-on tattoos. One of Han Solo, and one of another character. I have misplaced my tattoos, but will post a better description and scan when I find them.

Thanks to Mark, it is now known that these tattoos were distributed in boxes of four ice lollies by a company called Rowntrees. It is believed that Rowntrees is a subsidiary of Nestle Lions Maid, the company that originally placed stickers in cartoons of ice cream lollies for The Empire Strikes Back in 1980.

According to Mark, there were 20 different tattoos to collect, although he isn't sure whether this means 20 different images, or 20 different sheets. It can be assumed each sheet contained at least two images as mine did.

Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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