Pez - Europe - Refill Stickers (1997)


During the release of the Special Editions, Pez candies issued a series of 5 Pez candy dispensers. In Europe, collectors could also find Star Wars stickers issued on the refill packages for Pez candies. There are a total of 8 stickers, each featuring a major character. Each character is a drawing, not a photograph, and is shown standing before a piece of the surface of the Death Star.

Special thanks to Corny Van Brenk for help with this page.

Card Values
·  set value: $5-10
·  single: $1

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Card NumberDescription
no numberC-3PO
no numberDarth Vader
no numberHans Solo
no numberLuke Skywalker
no numberPrincess Leia
no numberR2-D2
no numberStormtrooper
no numberYoda