Panini/Skybox - US - Star Wars Stickers and Album (1997)


In the U.S., most people were able to buy Panini albums complete with the stickers included as insert sheets inside the album. Distributed by Skybox here in the U.S., the albums were different from their European counterparts, and contained only 66 stickers. In addition to being sold as a complete unit, the albums were also sold separately from the stickers, with the stickers sold in small packets. This gives American collectors two variations of the Panini album to find. Stickers in the loose set are identical to those that come with the complete album, with the exception that the printing on the back of loose stickers had black printing on them, while stickers that came with the album had blue printing on the back.

The album's are also slightly different, with one having a starburst-styled announcement that the stickers are included, while the other does not.

The American stickers show different images from the European stickers, and are a different design. Each sticker has a white border, and an inside blue border which is a lightsaber blade.

Thanks to Arnie for help with some of the description on this page.

Card Values
·  set value: $5-10
·  unopened box: $15
·  single: $0.10
·  album: $2-4

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Card NumberDescription
1Stormtroopers (SE)
21/2 - C-3P0
31/2 - R2
41/2 - Luke with Saber
51/2 - Obi-Wan Watching
6Luke and Obi-Wan
7Entering Mos Eisley
8Leia and Darth
9Firing in the Detention Block
10Cantina Aliens
11Blue Cantina Aliens
12Chewie at the Bar
14Leia and Darth
15Falcon Cockpit
16Falcon Interior
17Han, Chewie, Obi-Wan and Luke Meet
181/2 - Obi-Wan Releasing Tractor Beam
191/2 - Obi-Wan Releasing Tractor Beam
21Darth and Obi-Wan Duel
22Han and Chewie
24Leia Watches the Battle
26Death Star Beam
27Death Star Gunner
28R2 and C-3P0
29Awards Ceremony
30Luke in Wampa Lair
31Into the TaunTaun
33Battle on Hoth
34Droids in Hoth Hallway
35AT-ATs artwork
37Falcon Cockpit
38Falcon in Asteroid Field
391/2 - Chewie
401/2 - Chewie
41X-Wing Approaches Dagobah
42R2 as Voyeur
43Luke in the Cave
44Falcon at Cloud City
45Leia, Han, Chewie and Lando
461/2 - Stormtroopers
471/2 - Stormtroopers with Lobot
48Han Fires at Vader
491/2 - Vader
501/2 - Vader
51Torturing Han
52Vader talks to Fett
53Leia Led Away
54Luke and Vader Duel
55Han in Carbonite (and Lando)
56R2 and C-3P0
57A Captured Chewie
58Jabba, Leia and Bib
59Desert Skiff
60Luke Battles on Skiff
61War Room
62Shuttle Cockpit (fly casual)
64Wicket and Leia
65AT-ST fires on Bunker