Natur - Chile - Promotional Gum Cards (1997)


Issued in 1997 for the Special Editions, this miniature card set was part of a promotion for a gum company in Chile. Collectors could collect 36 different miniature cards, as well as an album made of cardboard to place the cards in (cards would need to be glued in).

Although issued for the Special Editions, all cards feature fairly standard images from the classic version of the films, with a seeming emphasis on the Empire Strikes Back. No Special Edition images were featured. In fact, there are no images from A New Hope.

Card backs were yellow, and included a description of the scene on the front of the card, as well as information about what appears to be a contest to win a Star Wars action figure.

Card Values
·  set value: $30
·  single: $1
·  album: $5

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Card NumberDescription
1R2 and C3-P0 in Hoth Base
3Han on a Taun Taun
4AT-AT Walkers on Hoth
5Darth Vader in Hoth Base
6Luke on Dagobah
7Luke Prepares to Enter the Cave
9Yoda and Luke
10The Falcon in the Asteroid Field
11Chased Across an Asteroid
12Han and Leia Kiss
13Bounty Hunter's Boba Fett and IG-88
14The Falcon at Cloud City
15Chewbacca and Droid Pieces
16Han Fires at Vader
17Leia Watches Han Frozen
18Han is Prepared for Freezing
20Lando Checks a Frozen Han
21Vader and Boba Fett
22Boba Fett
23Destroyer Chases Falcon
24Vader: "Join Me!"
25R2 helps Repair C3-P0
26Looking Out at the Galaxy
27The Fleet Approaches the Death Star
29Vader and Stormtroopers
30The Cockpit of the Falcon
31Cast Photo for ESB
32AT-AT Walker
34The Millennium Falcon
35Wicket the Ewok
36The Second Death Star