Merlin - UK/France/Germany/Italy - Special Edition (1997)


The only regular size card set created to commemorate the Star Wars Special Edition, the Merlin cards make a great addition to any collection. The 125 card set features photos from all three movies, following the plot line of each film. In addition, special subsets focus on the movies main characters, and some of the more important vehicles from the films.

Merlin cards were issued in the United Kingdom, Italy (in Italian), France (in French), and Germany (in German). The Merlin company is a subsidiary of Topps, and did an overall great job on this set, despite some quirky errors. It can be hoped that Europe will again have a chance to collect Star Wars cards from Merlin during the release of the new films. The English language version of these cards were fairly widely available in the US through select card distributors, and at reasonable prices. The sets in other languages were much more difficult to collect.

Each card features the Special Edition logo in one corner. Card backs have the Merlin logo, text describing a scene from the movie, and a smaller photo related to the scene on the front of the card. Character and Vehicle cards feature additional information about your favorite characters, and some of the many vehicles that helped make the movies so great. The character and vehicle cards were favorites of mine, and I was lucky enough to have one autographed at the Chicago ComiCon in 1997.

This set had no chase cards, although three case topper cards were created. These cards were oversized cards numbered P1 - P3. I would like to thank Brad Harvey for providing the descriptions of these cards. They are listed at the end of the checklist.

The list below uses the card descriptions as given on the Merlin UK checklist. These descriptions contain spelling errors and other mistakes that have been left in tact. Where important, these errors have been noted in parenthesis.

Card Values
·  set value: $20-40
·  unopened box: $25-55
·  single: $0.55-$1
·  case set: $15

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Card NumberDescription
1Imperial Star Destroyer
2R2-D2 and C-3P0
3Rebel Forces
4Darth Vader
7Stormtrooper on Dewbac
8Luke Skywalker and Owen Lars
9Luke, C-3P0 and R2-D2
10Tusken Raider
11Luke Skywalker with Lightsaber
12Death Star and Star Destroyer
13Landspeeder in Moss Eisley
14Luke, Ben & C-3P0 with Stormtroopers
15Han Solo and Chewbacca
16Han Solo with Jabba the Hutt
17The Millenniun Falcon
18Princess Leia with Grand Moff Tarkin
19Millenniun Falcon Interior
20Death Star Docking Bay
21Luke, Hand and C-3P0
22Han Solo and Princess Leia
23Ben Kenobi
24Millenniun Falcon
25Millenniun Falcon approaching Yavin
26Han Solo with Luke Skywalker
27X-wing fighters
28X-wing fighter and TIE fighter
29Y-wing fighter and TIE fighter
30Darth Vader / TIE fighter interior
31Princess Leia and C-3P0
32Luke Skywalker / X-wing interior
33Death Star exhaust port
34Luke, Leia and Han
35Han Solo winking
36Imperial Probot
37Luke Skywalker in wampa lair (actually Han talking to rebel c.)
38Han Solo with Rebel commander (actually Luke in lair)
39Han Solo waving to Snowspeeder
40Han Solo firing at Imperial probe droid
41Darth Vader with General Veers
42Luke Skywalker
43Snowspeeder / AT-AT legs
44Millenniun Falcon leaving rebel base
45Falcon entering asteroid field
46Exploding TIE fighter (actually luke and r2)
48Luke and Yoda
49Millenniun Falcon & Star Destroyer
50Falcon on back of Star Destroyer
51Millenniun Falcon cockpit interior
52Rebels arriving Besbin
53Darth Vader tortures Han Solo
54Luke's X-wing approaching Cloud City
55Han Solo / Carbon freezing chamber
56Luke and Darth Vader duel
57Slave I leaving Cloud City
58Darth Vader
59Luke Skywalker
60Luke Skywalker / Reactor shaft
61Luke and Vader dueling / reactor shaft
62Darth Vader reaching out to Luke
63Luke Skywalker
64Millenniun Falcon and Cloud City
65R2-D2 repairing C-3P0
66Luke / Millenniun Falcon main hold
67Leia / Millenniun Falcon's cockpit
68Luke Skywalker's bionic hand
69R2-D2 with C-3P0
70Luke, Leia, R2-D2 and C-3P0
71Shuttle leaving Star Destroyer
72Darth Vader with Grand Moff Jerjerod
73Jabba's Palace
74Jabba The Hutt
75Boushh the bounty hunter
76Han Solo escaping the carbonite
77Luke with Bib Fortuna
78Luke Skywalker in Rancor's grip
79Luke, Han and Chewbacca
80Luke Skywalker
81Boba Fett
82Han Solo reaches for Lando
83C-3P0 and Salacious Crumb
84Luke and Leia on Jabba's Sail Barge
85The Emperor Palpatine
86Yoda INstructing Luke
87Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar
88Shuttle Tydirium / Cockpit
89Luke and Leia on Speeder Bike
90Luke tackles a Scout Trooper
91Luke, Han and Chewie surrounded
92Luke and Leia at the Ewok village
93The Rebel fleet
94Vader and Luke before the Emperor
95Ackbar watching the Rebel fleet
96Battle above the Death Star
97Han plants explosive charges
98The Death Star fires on the Rebels
99Lightsaber's clash
100Darth Vader is defeated
101The Emperor / Throne room
102Millenniun Falcon / Int. Death Star
103Anakin Skywalker
104The Death Star explodes
105Anakin, Ben and Yoda
106Luke Skywalker
107Han Solo
108Leia Organa
109Obi-Wan Kenobi
113Darth Vader
115Boba Fett
116X-wing fighter
117Death Star
119Millenniun Falcon
120TIE fighter
121Imperial Shuttle
123Star Destroyer
124Vader's TIE fighter
125Check List
Case Cards (UK Set Only)
P1same as card #76
P2same as card #27
P3same as card #69