Matutano (Lays) - Spain - Star Wars Movie Shots (1997)


Distributed in Matutano Chips in Spain, these small plastic movie shots look like little movie frames. Each frame is numbered and has the SE logo in Spanish on the left hand side. To the right, a shot from one of the three Star Wars films can be viewed. Best seen with a light behind it. These movie shots are great! Sold in limited quantity through the American Star Wars Fan Club after the Spanish promotion had ended. The Spanish shots are identical to the Dutch movie shots, with the exception of the SE Logo being in Spanish, and the name of the chip company being different. The Spanish set did have an album available, but it was an inexpensive paper album that came packaged with the Spanish Panini sticker album.

Card Values
·  set value: $50
·  single: $0.50 - 1
·  album: $5

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Card NumberDescription
1Vader and Leia
3Stormtroopers and Dewback
4Looking at the Droids
5Luke inspects R5D4
6R2 and C-3P0
7R2 in Hiding
8Tusken Raider
9Millennium Falcon Cockpit
10Luke and C-3P0
11Luke and Leia
12Vader and Ben Duel
13Han and Chewie
14X-Wing Formation
15Awards Ceremony
16Luke on TaunTaun
18Chewie in Hoth Hangar
19C-3P0 and Hoth Droid
20Han on Hoth w/Blaster
22Luke / Snowspeeder
23X-wing Approaches Dagobah
25Luke and Yoda
26Arriving at Cloud City
27Chewie and Most of C-3P0
28Han Being Readied for Carbon Freezing
29A Frozen Han
30Chewie w/ C-3P0
31Leia, Droids and Chewie at Cloud City
32Watching the Galaxy
33Droids Approaching Jabba's Palace
35Droids at the Door
36C-3P0 and Gamorrean
37The New Dancers
38Max Rebo
39Jabba and Leia
40Gamorrean Guard
41Darth Vader
44Baby Ewok
45R2 and Wicket
47R2 and C-3P0
48The Emperor
49Luke and Vader duel
50Lando and Nien Nub on Falcon