Lays - UK - Star Wars Tazos (1997)


Distributed in the UK in Walkers and Doritos brand chips, the tazo is similar to the American pog. Small round discs featuring photographs of Star Wars characters and scenes, the tazo also has several small notches that allow them to be connected together for better play value. Intended to be used to play a game similar to the pog game, each tazo has a point value. There were 50 tazos in the UK set. Each tazo is numbered, and has the Star Wars Special Edition logo on its back. Also available for the set was a special tazo binder. This binder had cardboard sheets, with pictures of scenes which were completed once the appropriate tazo was inserted inside. Binders came with force cards attached. (See the Force Cards page for a description).

Unlike the American Doritos promotion, tazos were not found inside every single chip bag, but in approximately 1 in 3 of specially marked bags. Finding the tazo was 'winning' the tazo. A special mail-in offer did allow collectors to complete their sets by purchasing a limited number of tazos directly from the chip company. This was especially helpful since tazos in the 40s numbers were available only in Doritos brand chips, which were not a very popular brand among my English friends at least. These were all images from the Special Editions.

A variation exists for #32, the Biker Scout is labeled as Scout Trooper on some disks. Number 50 was also briefly rumored to be rare, however I did not find this to be a difficult tazo to find. There are possibly other variation tazos as well.

Card Values
·  set value: $20
·  single: $0.50
·  album: $5

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Card NumberDescription
3Tusken Raider
4Luke Skywalker
5Luke, Obi-Wan and Han
8Luke Skywalker
11Han Solo
12Leia and C-3P0
13Darth's TIE
14Luke Skywalker on a TaunTaun
15Han Solo
16AT-AT Walkers
17Luke and R2-D2
18Luke Skywalker
19Jedi Master Yoda
20Yoda and Luke
22Lando Calrissian
23Leia and Lando
24Frozen Han w/Lando
25Darth Vader
26Leia, Luke and R2-D2
27C-3P0 and R2-D2
28Jabba and Salacious
29Han Solo and Princess Leia
30Princess Leia
31Chewbacca and Han Solo
32Biker Scout
33Wicket the Ewok
34Luke and Han
35Han Solo
36Luke and Vader
37Emperor Palpatine
38Luke and Vader Duel
39Millennium Falcon
40Sandtrooper and Dewback
42SE Jabba
43Rystall and Greeata
48Luke and Leia
50Star Wars SE Logo