Lays - Belgium - Star Wars Movie Shots (1997)


At first glance, the Belgian Star Wars Movie Shots, and the movie shot album, appear to be identical to the Dutch set. In reality, there are a number of differences. The Belgian album, although overall very similar to the Dutch, has text in both French and Dutch. And the movie shots themselves, are placed in the album in a very different order from the Dutch set. Although the images are the same, the numbering between the two sets is different.

Most collectors will probably be happy to have either one set or the other, giving them a full collection of each image. Completionists will find enough small differences between the sets to make it fun to have both.

I have organized the Checklist below, following the order in which the movie shots are placed in the Belgian album. I am not sure why their movie shots are arranged in the album in a non-numerical sequence, but it is an interesting difference between the two sets.

Card Values
·  set value: $45-60
·  single: $0.50 - 1
·  other: $10-20

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Card NumberDescription
1Vader Confronts Leia
3Sandtroopers and Dewback
21Purchasing the Droids
4Luke Inspects R5-D4
5R2 and C-3P0
6R2 Hiding in the Cliffs
7Tusken Raider
22The Cockpit of the Millennium Falcon
23C-3P0 and Luke
24Luke and Leia Prepare to Swing
25Obi-Wan and Vader Duel
26Han and Chewie
27X-Wings Near Yavin
8Awards Ceremony
9Luke on TaunTaun
29Chewie in Hoth Hangar
10C-3P0 and Hoth Droid
30Han on Hoth
31Luke Gets Out of Snowpeeder
12X-Wing Approaches Dagobah
32Yoda and Luke Train
33Cloud City Landing Platform
35Han Prepares to be Frozen
36Frozen Han
37C-3P0 on Chewie's Back
38Leia, Chewie and Droids
14Luke, Leia and Droids Watch the Galaxy
39Droids Approach Jabba's Palace
40R2 and C-3P0 at Jabba's Door
41C-3P0 and Gamorrean
42The New Jabba's Dancers
43Max Rebo
44Leia and Jabba
16Vader Inspects the Troops
46Baby Ewok
47R2 and Wicket
49R2 and C-3P0 at Endor Bunker
50The Emperor
19Vader and Luke Duel
20Nien Nunb and Lando in Falcon