Doritos - US - Promotional Cards and Discs (1997)


Distributed by Doritos chips in the US as part of the Special Edition promotional campaign, these 3D motion discs and cards are great. Most show two images when held at a different angle. A brief description of each disk and card is shown below. I will make an effort to scan these as well, but cannot guarantee the quality of the images, as the 3D nature of these items makes them difficult to reproduce in a scan.

There were 6 cards which were found in larger sized chip bags. In addition to the six basic cards, it was possible to find two bonus cards. Bonus cards were packaged 1 in every 2000 bags.

Collectors who also own the 1997 Australian Tazo set for Australia will recognize some of the 3D discs from the US Doritos set as being nearly identical. In the US, the total number of discs available to collect was relatively small compared to the number of tazos in other countries, but all of our discs were 3D multi-motion discs and a great deal of fun.

Discs were found packaged in the smaller individual size bags of Doritos chips, while cards were found in the larger family sized bags of chips.

Card Values
·  set value: $20
·  single: $1-2
·  chase: $15

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Card NumberDescription
1Darth / Tarkin
2Leia / Leia with Darth
3Luke / Training Ball
4Han / Obi-Wan
5Luke & Leia / Swinging
6Stormtrooper Firing
7Darth / Obi-Wan
8TIE Firing
9Lobot (open / closed eyes)
10C-3P0 / Wicket
11Han / Chewie
12AT-ST Firing
13Emperor / Luke
15TIE (explodes)
16Wedge / Biggs
17Leia / R2
18Boba Fett / Luke
19Luke / Han
20X-Wing / Pilot
1Falcon into Hyperspace
2Vader and Luke Duel
3X-Wing Approaches Firing
4Battle in Space
5Shuttle Takes Off
6Blowing Up a TIE
Bonus (1)Leia and C-3P0
Bonus (2)Luke and Fett Battle