Dinamic - Mexico - Special Edition Cards / Album (1997)


Distributed in Mexico, and intended to fill an album similar to a Panini album, these small cards are very nearly stickers.

Printed on a very thin paper, similar to a sticker, the only thing preventing me from calling Dinamics stickers is their lack of stick. Intended to fill an album, Dinamics feature scenes and characters from the Star Wars movies. Some of the stickers feature a sketch of a character in orange on a blue/green background. Others are one half of a scene, and still others feature the vehicles of Star Wars.

The backs of the Dinamics feature the Star Wars SE logo in Spanish in the top left corner, the number of the 'card' above the word Dinamics, an X-Wing, and half of Darth Vader's mask looking out at you.

The complete set is 168 common 'cards' and several chase stickers. If you have information to add to this checklist, please let me know so I can make this section as complete as possible.

Card Values
·  set value: $50
·  single: $1
·  album: $5

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Card NumberDescription
1? Unknown ?
2Vader Enters the Rebel Ship
3? Unknown ?
4Escape Pod Away
6R2 carried by Jawas
7? Unknown ?
8? Unknown ?
9Luke and C-3P0
10C-3P0 and Luke
11Tusken Raider
12Luke and Obi help C3P0
13Watching the Leia Holo
14C-3P0 sketch
15Obi Wan
16? Unknown ?
17Entering Mos Eisley
18Obi-Wan and Luke
191/2 - Han and Chewie
201/2 - Luke and Obi-Wan
21Han and Jabba
22? Unknown ?
23Tarkin and Vader
24Death Star Gunner
25? Unknown ?
26Falcon Interior Scene
27Death Star Docking Bay
28R2 and C3P0 on Death Star
29R2 sketch
30? Unknown ?
31Han, Luke and Leia
32Luke and Leia
33Obi Wan at tractor beam
34? Unknown ?
36The Falcon
37? Unknown ?
38X-Wing hangar scene
39The Battle Board
40? Unknown ?
41? Unknown ?
42TIEs in Death Star chasm
43Ceremony scene
44Chewie sketch
45Luke on Taun Taun
46Wampa (SE Scene)
47Leia in Hoth Hangar
48? Unknown ?
49Han finds Luke on Hoth
50Luke in Bacta
51? Unknown ?
53? Unknown ?
54Rebel soldier Hoth
55Hoth hangar scene
56AT-AT art scene
57Hoth battle
58Probot sketch
59? Unknown ?
60Run to the Falcon
61? Unknown ?
62? Unknown ?
63? Unknown ?
64Luke and Yoda
65Luke and Yoda in hut
66Luke Sketch
671/2 - Luke and Yoda
681/2 - Yoda on Luke's back
69Luke and X-wing on Dagobah
70? Unknown ?
71? Unknown ?
72? Unknown ?
73Yoda sketch
74Double cross at Cloud City
75? Unknown ?
76Han readied for freezing
77Han frozen
78Vader, Boba and Lando
79? Unknown ?
81Lando Sketch
82Darth Vader
83? Unknown
84"Join me . . . "
85Luke hangs out (cloud city)
86? Unknown ?
87Looking out on the galaxy
88Leia Sketch
89? Unknown ?
90Jabba and Bib
91C3P0 and R2 before Jabba
92Chewie and Boushh
93Boushh and frozen Han
94? Unknown ?
95Wicket Sketch
96? Unknown ?