Concept Confections - New Zealand - ESB Postacards (1997)


I would like to thank James Howell of Auckland New Zealand for providing most of the information for this page. I would also like to thank Anne-Marie of Confection Concepts International. for supplying information previously missing, as well as the staff of the Confection Concepts website.

Issued by a company called Confection Concepts International in New Zealand, this set was distributed with chocolate bars. Each chocolate bar had a card, with a set consisting of either 50 cards or 45 cards. Two sets of cards were issued, one for Star Wars (50), and one for Empire Strikes Back (45). A card set has not been issued for Return of the Jedi, although one was originally planned.

These cards were only distributed in New Zealand.

Card Values
·  set value: $200
·  unopened box: $85
·  single: $2-4
·  wrapper: $1

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Card NumberDescription
1Luke on Taun Taun notices something in the sky
2C-3P0 and R2-D2 head to the main hangar deck of the rebel base
3The wampa eats a meal
4Princess Leia and C-3P0 anxiously wait for a signal from Han
5Han Solo braves the hostile landscape of Hoth searching for Luke
6Han attempts to revive Luke
7Luke receives medical attention
8Leia and a 2-1B oversee Luke's recovery
9Han Solo targets an Imperial probe droid
10An Imperial probe droid is destroyed by Han Solo
11The rebel fortification receives irreparable damage
12General Rieekan monitors the computer screens of the command center
13Snowspeeders attempt to defend the rebel base
14Luke scrambles from his crippled snowspeeder
15Darth Vader searches the now destroyed rebel base
16Luke's X-Wing speeds towards the planet Dagobah
17Luke cautiously surveys the planet Dagobah
18R2-D2 is ejected from the murky swamp by a bog beast
19Luke discusses his search for a great warrior
20Yoda's small home radiates a small glow
21Luke is pleasantly surprised by the meal of rootleaf
22Under training from Yoda, Luke pushes deeper into the tree cave
23Yoda's deceptive features conceal his Jedi abilities
24With guidance from Yoda, Luke explores the Force
25Yoda instructs Luke during physical training
26Luke, sensing his friends are in danger, leaves Dagobah
27The Millennium Falcon evades attack from the Imperial forces
28Han Solo repairs the Falcon yet again
29Imperial TIE fighters pursue the Falcon
30C-3P0 interrupts an intimate moment
31Darth Vader briefs the bounty hunters
32IG-88 and Boba Fett prepare to track the Falcon
33New shots of the Falcon and cloud cars
34Visitors to Cloud City
35Lando Calrissian welcomes everyone to Cloud City
36Betrayed by Lando, Han finds himself face to face with Darth Vader
37Han is tortured
38Chewbacca reassembles C-3P0
39A coffin-like, carbon-frozen Han Solo
40Lando checks to see that Han is in perfect hibernation
41Princess Leia warns Luke of Darth's trap
42Lightsaber in hand, Luke battles with Darth Vader
43Luke confronts Vader
44Darth beckons Luke to the Dark Side
45Luke awaits rescue, clinging to the weather vane