Chupa Chup - International - Loli Pop Stickers (1997)


Star Wars collectors living in Europe, or almost any other non-U.S. location, had the opportunity during the release of the Special Editions to purchase Chupa Chup lolly pops, complete with special wrappers. Nine different wrapper designs featuring Star Wars characters protected the lolly pops. Each lolly pop contained a Star Wars character imprinted inside the lolly pop. Each wrapper had a special Star Wars sticker attached to the inside of the label. There were 24 different stickers to collect. Completing a set of these stickers is difficult, but not impossible. And trying gives you the fun of eating all those lolly pops. :o) What is truly difficult to complete, if you are inclined to try, is a collection of all of the different character imprints on the lolly pops. Although these are poorly done, and difficult to see, they are also an interesting item.

Collectors in Spain were able to obtain a poster with places to place each sticker, similar to a checklist, for this sticker set.

Card Values
·  set value: $15
·  unopened box: $25
·  single: $1

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Card NumberDescription
1Luke with Blaster (Cloud City)
2Darth Vader
6Royal Guard
9Han in Carbonite
10Luke, Leia and Han
11Darth and Leia
12In the Cockpit of the Falcon
14The Falcon
15Star Destroyer
17TIEs in Death Star Trench
18AT-ATs on Hoth
19Darth and Luke Duel
20Destroyer Chasing the Falcon
21R2 repairs C-3P0
22Darth (artistic)
23Jabba and Bib Fortuna
24Desert Skiff
Wrappers (Outside)
no numbersR2
no numbersYoda
no numbersC-3P0
no numbersStormtrooper
no numbersLeia
no numbersEmperor
no numbersHan
no numbersLuke