Bootleg - Russia - Gum Stickers (1997)


These stickers were issued with sticks of gum in Russia. These stickers are almost certainly not an authorized product, as they include some odd images, including one from Battlestar Gallactica! I'm afraid I don't have a great deal of information about these stickers, beyond the checklist below. I would like to thank Deb Kittle for her assistance in providing all of the information for this page.

Card Values
·  set value: $?
·  single: $?

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Card NumberDescription
1Luke and C-3P0
2Luke in X-Wing Gear
3Leia and C-3P0
4Luke in Jabba's Palace
5Luke and Leia
6Luke with droids on Tatooine
7Falcon pursued by TIEs
8Leia gives R2 the Death Star plans
9Cockpit of the Millennium Falcom
10Stormtroopers and C-3P0
11Rebel ship
12Darth Vader and Stormtroopers
13none made 13 was unlucky
14Emperor and Vader (painting)
15Darth Vader
17Vader and Leia (wearing slave costume! - odd one)
18Poster artwork
19Han and Chewie
20ESB poster artwork
21Star Destroyer
22ROTJ poster artwork
26Han in Hoth control center
27Leia and Jabba
28Leia in Hoth Outfit
30sketch of Death Star construction (showing 2 death stars?)
31Illustration art of Slave I
32Boba Fett
33Fett from ESB with other bounty hunters
35Baltar and Cylon from Battle Star Gallactica!
36Slave I
37Han captured by Ewoks