BN - France - Cookie Promotional Cards (1997)


In 1997, with the release of the Special Editions, dozens of companies worldwide issued cards in connection with products they were selling. The BN cards are somewhat unique, in that these cards were not merely collectible trading cards, but were intended to be used to play a game. The challenge then was not simply to collect all the cards in order to have a complete set, but to collect those cards that would improve your chances of winning a game.

Because these cards were intended to be used as a game, they feature not only characters, but planets as well. There were a total of 30 cards to collect, but during the course of their release, several cards were issued with variations, either in the pictured image itself, or in the game icons shown on each card. Collecting a complete set of 30 is somewhat challenging, and will take some time to find certain less common cards. Finding all of the variations is a definite challenge.

I would like to thank my friend Andy for his assistance with the checklist shown below.

Card Values
·  set value: $35
·  single: $2-5
·  box: $5

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Card NumberDescription
no numberEtoile Noir
no numberAldorande
no numberEndor
no numberTatouine
no numberHoth
no numberSabre Laser
no numberPrincesse Leia
no numberYann Solo
no numberYoda
no numberLuc Skywalker
no numberObi-Wan Kenobi
no numberAdmiral Ackbar
no numberChewbacca
no numberLando Calrissian
no numberZ-6P0
no numberR2-D2
no numberPaploo
no numberChief Chirpa
no numberWicket
no numberDark Vador
no numberAmiral
no numberEmpereur
no numberGarde Royal
no numberJabba the Hutt
no numberBoba Fett
no numberGarde de Gamorre
no numberBib Fortuna
no numberMotorangers
no numberSoldat Imperial
no numberSoldat es Neiges