Topps - US - Star Wars 3Di (1996)


The 3Di cards were perhaps the coolest new release of Star Wars cards during 1996/1997. The cards were extremely popular. The set contains 63 common cards, all with great 3D imagery from the original Star Wars movie.

The first of three planned 3Di sets, it is now the only likely 3Di set to be made for the classic Star Wars films, as Topps has announced the cancellation of their planned ESB and ROTJ sets. Apparently, although they sold well, the 3Di set was much more expensive to make than expected. There were also some production problems which resulted in a number of cards being marred by scratches and other defects direct from the factory. Although Topps had a limited-time replacement policy for these damaged cards, many remain in circulation in still unopened boxes, and in many collections.

Boxes for the 3Di set featured a card from the set affixed to the top of the box, making them a collectible for many as well. Below, is a checklist for these cards, including the single chase card, and the promo cards which were issued for the set.

Card Values
·  set value: $75-150
·  unopened box: $120
·  single: $1-3
·  chase: varies

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Card NumberDescription
1Star Wars: A New Hope
2Pursuit in Space!
3Droids in the Crossfire!
4A Princess Strikes Back!
5Release of the Escape Pod!
6Toward Tatooine!
7Jawas in hiding!
8Enter Luke Skywalker!
9The Leia Hologram!
10Spotting the Sand People!
11Attacked by Tusken Raiders!
12Rescued by Ben Kenobi!
13A Message for Help!
14Power of the Dark Side!
15Fate of the Lars Homestead!
16Cantina Denizens!
17Meet Han and Chewie!
18Alerting the Sandtroopers!
19Preparing for Space Travel!
20Escape from Tatooine!
21Han Solo in Command!
22Jumping Into Hyperspace!
23Target: Alderaan!
24Laser of Destruction!
25Leia's Ordeal!
26Destruction of a Planet!
27Lightsaber Practice!
28Approaching the Death Star!
29Drawn into Danger!
30Heroes in Hiding!
31Accessing Imperial Data!
32Luke's Rescue Plan!
33A "Captured" Chewbacca!
34Han Solo's Bluff!
35Trapped in the Alcove!
36Trash compactor peril!
37The power generator trench!
38Shoot-Out in the Shaft!
39Swinging to Safety!
40When Jedi Clash!
41"Run, Luke! Run!"
42Escaping the Death Star!
43"I Can't Believe He's Gone!"
44Skirmish in Space!
45"Got Him! I Got Him!"
46Destination: Yavin!
47The Rebel Hideout!
48Briefing the Rebels!
49X-Wings Away!
50Assault on the Death Star!
51Monitoring the Battle!
52Vader in the Trench!
53"Targets Coming Up!"
54Artoo Hanging On!
55Blasted by Vader!
56Luke Uses the Force!
57Surprise Attack!
58Vader's Final Stand!
59Solo to the Rescue!
60Death Star Departure!
61The Victorious Rebels!
62Honored for Their Bravery!
63Heroes of the Rebellion!
Chase Card
1mMultiMotion Exploding Death Star
Promo Cards
3Di 1Vader and troops
3Di 2Artwork - Vader
ESB P1Empire Strikes Back Promo
boxcards on box tops varied
wrapperone style