Topps - US - Shadows of the Empire (1996)


First it was a book, then a video game, then several. It was also a comic book series, and a 'behind-the-scenes' book. Eventually, the toys for Shadows of the Empire (SOTE) became notorious peg-warmers. It was also however, a card set, and a very well done card set at that. The SOTE cards were all done as artwork, not by the comic book artists, but by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt. Their artwork makes these cards a beautiful addition to any Star Wars card collection.

I have provided a checklist for these cards below and will be adding scans as soon as I am able. Promo information was provided by David Pipgras.

This set includes an unusual numbering scheme, which included the Chase Cards as part of the general numbering for the set. The cards are numbered 1 - 100, but cards 73-82 are actually the Chase Cards for the set, and cards 89 - 100 are part of two sub-sets for Lucas Arts and Dark Horse. Another complicating factor in collecting this set was the unfortunately poor quality of box collation, leaving a number of non-chase cards quite difficult to come by.

Card Values
·  set value: $20
·  unopened box: $75
·  single: $0.25
·  chase: $5-8

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Card NumberDescription
1Xizor is Lurking
2Leia's Recurring Nightmare
3Luke Feels the Dark Side
4Leia Defends Herself
5Reunion on Tatooine
6Xizor Greets Vader
7Xizor's Dirty Handiwork
8Ferreting Out a Traitor
9Beautiful . . . and Lethal
10Xizor Summons Jabba
11Leia Meets Dash Rendar
12Vader Stays Sharp
13Xizor Relishes the Good Life
14Fancy Flying
15Luke Scores a TIE
16"Help Me, Obi-Wan . . ."
17Boba Fett Escapes From Gall
18Narrow Escape
19Dealing With Dash
20Vader Grows Wary of Xizor
21Xizor Wants it All
22The Emperor Insists
23It'th Greedo'th Uncle
24The Waiting Game
25Luke Hones His Lightsaber Skills
26Swoop Troop Attack
27Luke Axes a Swooper
28Good 'Ol Beggar's Canyon
29Vader Destroys the Rebel Base
30Guri Does Xizor's Dirty Work
31Luke and Dash's Bothan Mission
32Dash's Persuasive Charm
33Attack on the Suprosa
34Leia Meets Guri
35Luke and Melan are Ambushed
36Luke's Taken Prisoner
37Guri Turns the Tables
38Boarding Guri's Stinger
39Chewbacca in Disguise
40Leia and Chewie go Underground
41Leia Visits Spero's Plant Shop
42Vader Seethes Over Luke's Escape
43Leia Arrives at Xizor's Palace
44Leia Finally Meets Xizor
45Leia is Smitten
46Vader Senses His Son
47Leia Prepares for Xizor
48Hyperspace . . . at Last!
49Xizor Prepares for Leia
50The Kiss
51Take That Xizor
52Xizor Sharpens his Claws
53Dash Does it Again
54Luke Becomes One With the Force
55Xizor's Troubled World
56Vader Uncovers Xizor's Secret Past
57Same Beast, Different Sewer
58Dash Fires the Guide
59Artoo and Threepio Helm the Falcon
60Luke Blocks Xizor's Fire
61Will Xizor Call Luke's Bluff?
62Five Minutes Until Impact
63Guri Goes Toe-to-Toe With Luke
64Xizor Narrowly Escapes
65Xizor's Castle Blows Up
66Battle Over Coruscant Part I
67Battle Over Coruscant Part II
68Battle Over Coruscant Part III
69Good Riddance, Xizor!
70Watch Out, Dash!
71Dash's Secret Getaway
72Luke Plans Han's Rescue
73Luke Skywalker
74Leia and Chewbacca
75Lando Calrissian
76R2-D2 and C-3P0
77Dash and Leebo
80Darth Vader
81Jix and Big Gizz
82Boba Fett
83Millennium Falcon
88Slave I
89Slave I in Battle
90Boba Fett
91Fett in Battle
92Fett and 4-Lom
94Jabba's Palace
95AT-AT Under Attack
97Dash on the Run
98Dash in Battle
99Ord Mantell Hovertram
SOTE1Prince Xizor SW Galaxy Magazine #7
SOTE2Darth Vader Advance Comics #93
SOTE3Luke Skywalker SW Finest Boxes
SOTE4Dash Rendar SW Galaxy Magazine #8
SOTE5Boba Fett E3 Convention / QVC
SOTE6Guri Fan #18
SOTE7C-3P0 and R2-D2 Collect 11/96 or San Diego ComicCon (may be signed)
Poster of SOTE7San Diego ComicCon
Reservation CouponFinest Card Packs
Oversized CardInsert of SOTE3 in larger image