Topps - US - Return of the Jedi Widevision (1996)


Topps originally created three wide vision card sets for Star Wars, one for each movie in the trilogy. Each card set follows the plot of the movie, with interesting background information about the movies on the back of each card.

These cards were all produced before the Special Editions, and so provide a nice contrast when compared to the images in the cards created for the Special Edition Super Wide Movie Cards. Thanks to David Pipgras for the promo card information. Thanks to Jim for info on card C-7.

Card Values
·  set value: $40
·  unopened box: $85
·  single: $0.10
·  chase: $10-15

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Card NumberDescription
1Title Card - artwork
2Star Destroyer, Death Star
4Imperial Shuttle Cockpit
5The Docking Bay
6Main Docking Bay View
7Reviewing the Troops
8R2 and C-3P0
9C-3P0 Meets a Door
10Bib Fortuna
12Luke's Holo Message
13Meet EV-9-D9
14Droid Torture
15Max Rebo's Band
17Boba Fett
18Jabba's Palace
19Han Released
20A Kiss
21Jabba Looks Over Leia
22Bib and Luke
23Jabba's Throne
24Luke in Throne Room
25Leia and Lando
27Jabba and Fett
28In the Rancor's Grip
29Dead Rancor
30Luke and Han
31Skiff and Sailbarge
32On the Skiff
33Sarlacc (old version)
35Walking the Plank
36Fighting Fett
37Firing on the Skiff
39Fett Fires
40Han and Fett
41Leia Chokes Jabba
42Dangling to Reach Lando
43Sarlacc has a Meal
44Above the Pit
45Damaged C-3P0
46Salacious Crumb
47Leia Mans the Guns
48Luke and Leia Swing
49Droids in the Sand
50A Barge is Blown
51Shuttle of the Emperor
52The Emperor
53X-Wing on Dagobah
54Farewell to Yoda
55Ghost Ben and Luke
56The Rebel Fleet
57Mon Mothma Speaks
58Ackbar and Endor Map
59Ackbar and Mon Mothma
60Revealing the Target
61Death Star Core
63Inside the Shuttle
64On Endor
65Bike Chase
66Luke and Leia Ride Bikes
67Scout Trooper
68Sparks Fly
69Leia Versus Trooper
70Luke Versus Trooper
71Darth in Emperor's Chamber
72Meet the Ewoks
73Ewok Village
74Baby Ewok
75Han for Dinner
76The Regal C-3P0
77Ewoks with Baby
78C-3P0 Tells a Tale
79Luke and Leia
80The Shuttle Platform
81Vader and Shuttle
82AT-AT at Platform
83Luke Under Guard
84The Fleet Gathers
85Entering Hyperspace
86The Mon Calamari Bridge
87Ewok Bike Ride
88Luke, Vader and Emperor
89Falcon Cockpit
90Ackbar Surveys the Scene
91Approaching the Death Star
92Pulling Up
93X-Wings and Death Star
94The Battle
95Falcon Flees
96Endor Battle
98Han Fires
100TIEs Attack
101The Battle in Space
102Death Star Fires
103Ship Destroyed
104Another Explosion
105Falcon Moves in Close
106Duel Before the Emperor
107Wookiee on an AT-ST
108Crushing an AT-ST
109AT-ST Falls
110The Duel Continues
111A TIE is Destroyed
112Han - No Problem
113Setting a Timer
114Raised Saber
115Vader Loses a Hand
116Destroyed Bunker
117Emperor's Lightening
118Luke in Agony
119Lifted Emperor
120X-Ray Vader
121Central Core Shaft
122Luke and Vader
123The Falcon
125Flying in the Shaft
127Falcon Targets
128Star Destroyer Bridge Destroyed
130Vader's Destroyer Nose Dives
131Vader Revealed
132X-Wing in the Shaft
134The Core Blows
135Falcon Flees the Destruction
136Exploding Free
137Last Look at Death Star
138Death Star Blows
139Explosion in the Sky
140Burning Vader's Body
141Ewok Celebration
142Luke and Leia Celebrate
1433 Ghost Jedi
144The Final Celebration
Chase Cards
C1Vader Leaving Shuttle
C2Before EV-9-D9
C3Before Jabba's Throne
C4Luke Versus Rancor
C5Sail Barge Destroyed
C6Speeder Bikes
C7A flight of B-wings closing in on a exploding Star Destroyer
C8Luke and Vader Duel
C9Luke and the Emperor
C10Inside the Death Star
Promo Cards
Unnumbered5x7 of Card #0 / Previews v.5, n.11
P1Luke, Han in Jabba's Palace / SW Galaxy Magazine #5
P2Luke on Speeder Bike / Advance Comics #82
P3Han, Leia, Stormtroopers in Bunker / Non-Sports Update v.7, n.11
P4Emperor in Throne Room / Cards Illustrated #26
P5Jabba and Bib Fortuna / Wizard
P6Luke, Han, Chewie in Jabba's Palace / Conventions
#0Anakin, Yoda and Ben Kenobi on Endor / SW Galaxy Magazine #6