Topps - US - Star Wars Widevision (1995)


Topps originally created three wide vision card sets for Star Wars, one for each movie in the trilogy. Each card set follows the plot of the movie, with interesting background information about the movies on the back of each card. The Star Wars Widevision set was the first set in the Widevision trilogy, and a beautiful set. Each card was bordered in a cerulean blue, with a small silver Widevision logo in the lower right-hand corner. Card fronts show Star Wars scenes in a new wider format, while the backs feature not only background information, but nice graphical design as well.

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Card Values
·  set value: $35-40
·  unopened box: $75
·  single: $0.10
·  chase: $10-15

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Card NumberDescription
1Title Card - Art
2Star Destroyer Belly
3The Tantive IV - Captured
4Droids in Hallway
5Rebels in Blockade Runner
6Battle in Hallway
7Leia and R2
8Darth and Commander Antilles
10Escape Pod View
11Alone in the Desert
12Shocked Droid
14Reunited Droids
15"Look Sir, Droids!"
16Owen, Luke and Jawa
17Luke Discovers Hologram
18Leia's Hologram
19Dinner Conversation
20Setting Suns
22Tusken Raiders
23Tuskens and Bantha
24Tusken Challenge
25Rescuing Luke
26Luke, Obi-Wan and C-3P0
27Luke with New Saber
28Discussing the Force
29Leia's Hologram
30Approaching the Death Star
31Imperial Conference
32Making a Point
33Choking on Vader's Response
34Lar's Homestead Destroyed
35Vader Interrogates Leia
36Ext. Tatooine - Wasteland
37Entering Mos Eisley
38Cantina Creatures
39Bartender Pointing
41Mos Eisley Cantina
42Obi-Wan's Saber
43Han and Chewie
44Greedo and Han
45Look Greedo
46Mos Eisley Street
47At the Falcon
48The Falcon Takes Off
49Star Destroyers in Space
50Star Destroyer Chases Falcon
51Falcon Cockpit
52Tarkin and Leia
53Death Star Beam
54Taking Aim
56Practicing with a Saber
57Playing Chess
58Remote Versus Luke
60In the Cockpit
61Approaching the Death Star
62Death Star Hangar Bay
63Hangar 2037
64Darth in Hangar 2037
65Out of Hiding - Falcon
66Stormtrooper Fires
67"She's Rich"
68Wookiee Prisoner
69Detention Area
70"Into the Garbage Chute Flyboy"
71Garbage Problems
72At the Tractor Beam
73Firing Across the Chasm
75Vader and Ben Duel
76Luke Fires
77Falcon Away
78Comforting Luke
79Han Mans the Guns
80Luke Mans the Guns
81Near Yavin
82Yavin's Moon
83Death Star Near Yavin
84Battle Plan
85Han and his Reward
86Hangar Deck
88X-Wing Formation
89X-Wings Approach Death Star
91Watching the Battle
93TIE Chases X-Wing
94War Room
95TIE Cockpit View
96The Trench
97War Room Commanders
100Exploded X-Wing
101Vader's TIE
102Vader in Cockpit
103Vader's View
104Death Star War Room
105Vader and Wingmen
107Leia Watches
108Luke Uses the Force
109Hitting the Target
110Exploding Death Star
111Han and Chewie
112Vader Unbalanced
113Back to Yavin
115Entering Ceremony Hall
116Han Winks
118Assembled Heroes
Chase Cards
C1Droid Prototype Sketch
C2Luke overlooks canyon
C3Falcon pulled into Death Star
C4On the run within the Death Star
C5Darth Vader vs. Luke
C6Imperial TIE Fighter chases Millennium Falcon
C7Death Star Construction
C8Battle in the Trench
C9X-Wing in Trench
C10Award Ceremony on Yavin
SWP0Luke, Han Chewie enter Award Ceremony / SW Galaxy 2 Factory Set
SWP1Stormtroopers Stop Landspeeder / Non-Sports Update v.6 n.6 / Conventions
SWP2Interior Falcon Cockpit / Advance Comics #72
SWP3TIE Fighter in Trench / SW Galaxy Magazine #1
SWP4Exterior Star Destroyer / Wizard #42
SWP5Darth Choking Rebel / Tuff Stuff's Collect 1/95
SWP6Leia and C-3P0 / Cards Illustrated #14
5 x 7Han in Gunport / Previews 10/94
#00Luke by X-Wing / Widevision Binder Only
K-01Darth Choking Rebel / Kenner Classic 4-Pack
K-02Luke in Falcon Gun Port / Kenner Classic 4-Pack
K-03Interior Falcon Cockpit / Kenner Classic 4-Pack
K-04Han Solo in Cantina / Kenner Classic 4-Pack