Topps - US - Star Wars Master Vision (1995)


Created in 1995, the MasterVision cards continued the theme of the earlier Star Wars Galaxy cards, by presenting the artwork of some of the best Star Wars artists. MasterVision simply displayed these artistic images on a grander scale. Cards in this series were sized at 6 1/2" by 10-3/15". The larger card size did make the images much more clear than the same images when found in the smaller Galaxy series cards. Unfortunately, the larger card size has also made this card set somewhat less popular for many card collectors. And, because the cards tended to only be found in comic and card shops, many non-card Star Wars collectors may never have a chance to enjoy this somewhat non-traditional set. While these cards may not sort out easily into a binder or card box, they still represent wonderful images from the Star Wars universe, and are well worth owning.

One advantage of the set is the way it was packaged. The cards were shipped in a single box, only slightly larger than the cards themselves, each box contains a complete set of 36 cards. No need to buy packs of cards, and end up with many duplicate singles while trying to complete a set. Many comic book stores sold individual cards as well, allowing you to select only those images you most enjoyed from the set.

Each card in the set features artwork by a known Star Wars artist on the front, along with the Star Wars logo, and the MasterVision logo. The card back has a two tone version of the same artwork as a background, along with the name of the artist.

Two different promotional cards were available for the set, one distributed in the Star Wars Galaxy Magazine, and another done in the style of the Finest cards.

Card Values
·  set value: $25
·  unopened box: $25
·  single: $1

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Card NumberDescription
1Don Punchatz: Luke Vader
2Ken Stacey: Vader Montage
3Tom Chantrell: Luke Montage
4John Van Fleet: Vader
5Drew Struzan: Crystal Star Bookcover Art
6John Alvin: Tatooine Montage
7Campbell/Garner: Character Montage
8Kazuhiko Sano: Luke Montage
9Brian Stelfreeze: Leia
10Drew Struzan: The Cantina Band
11Dave Dorman: Han and Boba
12The Hildebrandt Bros.: Luke and Jedis
13Boris Vallejo: The Droids
14John Alvin: Luke Montage
15Hugh Fleming: Sith Comic Cover
16Mark Harrison: Boba Fett
17Ken Steacy: Han Montage
18John Alvin: Luke
19Drew Struzan: Book Cover
20Bill Sienkiewicz: Luke
21Chris Moeller: Snowtroopers
22Dave Dorman: Comic Cover
23Drew Struzan: Fist of Darth Vader
24Ralph McQuarrie: Splinter of the Mind's Eye
25Ray Lago: In the Cave
26Ralph McQuarrie: Concept Art
27Bill Schmidt: Lando
28Ralph McQuarrie: Vader - Luke Battle
29Miran Kim: Luke
30Ralph McQuarrie: Cloud City Scene
31Frank Brunner: Rancor
32Ralph McQuarrie: Jabba's Palace
33Gene Lemery: Luke and Gamorreans
34Ralph McQuarrie: Skiff Scene
35Ken Barr: Characters
36Michael Whelan: Yoda Writes