Topps - US - Empire Strikes Back Widevision (1995)


Topps originally created three wide vision card sets for Star Wars, one for each movie in the trilogy. Each card set follows the plot of the movie, with interesting background information about the movies on the back of each card.

One of the nice things about these card sets today, is that they feature images from the original Star Wars movies, rather than from the Special Edition movies. This creates an interesting comparison between the 1995 ESB Wide Vision set, and the images chosen for the Retail Edition of the 1997 Super Wide Movie Cards.

Thanks to David Pipigras for the promo card information.

Thanks to Susanna additional help.

Card Values
·  set value: $35-40
·  unopened box: $75
·  single: $0.10
·  chase: $10-15

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Card NumberDescription
1Title Card
2Probe droid
3TaunTaun and rider
4Luke on TaunTaun
6C-3P0 is quieted by Han
7Luke hanging in the cave
8Luke reaches out to ghost Obi
9Han waves to rescuers
10Luke in the bacta tank
11Luke gets a kiss
12Probe droid
13The Imperial fleet
14Vader's helmet
15The Imperial fleet
16Vader's meditation chamber
17Leia encourages the troops
18Hoth canon
19Rebel transport away
20Hoth troops
21Luke in Snowpeeder
22AT-ATs approach the base
23View of AT-AT from Snowpeeder
24AT-ATs on Hoth
25AT-AT driver
26Snowpeeders seen from AT-AT
27AT-AT seen from above
28Vader in hologram
29Winding up the legs of an AT-AT
30An AT-AT falls
31Snow trench
33Inside a Snowpeeder cockpit
34AT-ATs fire on fleeing rebels
35AT-AT in the snow
36An AT-AT explodes
37Fallen AT-AT
38ATATs attack
39View from an AT-AT cockpit
40Falcon leaving the main hangar at Hoth
41Star Destroyers' near miss
42The Falcon in an asteroid field
43Inside the Falcon's cockpit
44TIE fighters in pursuit
46TIE fighters in asteroid field
47Into the asteroid field
48Falcon on an asteroid
49Falcon on an asteroid
50Asteroid cave
51Dagobah swamp
52Luke cleans up R2
53Vader's skull
54Luke confronts Yoda
56C3P0 interrupts Han and Leia's kiss
57Vader gives orders
58Emperor's image
59Emperor and Vader confer
60Yoda's house
61Yoda and Luke in Yoda's house
62TIE bombers
63Mynock on the Falcon's window
64The teeth of a cave
65Falcon and Space Slug
66Space Slug
67Yoda on looks back
69Duel in the tree cave
70The face of Luke's future
72Vader and Fett
73Avenger in asteroid field
74Falcon chased by Star Destroyer
75Falcon hit!
76Falcon and Avenger in asteroid field
77Yoda on Luke's foot
79X-Wing rises above a bog
80Falcon on a Star Destroyer
81Boba Fett
82Luke does a hand stand
83The Falcon's cockpit
84Falcon and cloud cars
86The Falcon lands at Cloud City
87Lando walks out to meet Han
88Lando greets Han
89Lando kisses Leia's hand
90Falcon arrived at Cloud City
91Luke leaves Yoda in his X-Wing
92Ghost Obi and Yoda
93Exterior view Cloud City
94Darth blocks a blaster shot
95Darth and Boba
96Stormtroopers in cloud city
97Chewie reassembles C3P0
98Han is tortured
99Darth confers with Fett
101X-Wing approaching Cloud City
102Gathering in the freezing chamber
103Leia and Han, a last look
104Leia and Han kiss
105Solo is prepared for freezing
106Frozen Han
107Luke enters the freezing chamber
108Vader in the freezing chamber
109Duel in the freezing chamber
110Chewie chokes Lando
111Captain Solo loaded onto Slave I
112Slave I leaves Cloud City
114Vader leaps down
115Duel in the freezing chamber
116Luke seeks out Vader
117Luke flies out a window
118Luke hangs above the reactor shaft
119Chewie and C3P0 in corridor
120Falcon on landing platform
121Falcon leaving Cloud City
122Cloud City Reactor Shaft
123Luke and Vader duel
124Luke and Vader duel
125Luke loses his hand
126Vader shakes his fist
127Luke - "Nooo!"
128Vader extends a hand
129Reactor Shaft
130Luke beneath Cloud City
131Falcon and Cloud City
132Falcon beneath Cloud City
133Millennium Falcon and TIE fighters
134R2 and C-3PO
135Chewie repairs the Falcon
136Luke aboard the Falcon
137Millennium Falcon Cockpit
138Vader's Star Destroyer Bridge
139Luke's Mechanical Hand
140Luke and Leia
141Space - Millennium Falcon
142R2 and C3P0
143Luke, Leia and Droids
144Rebel Star Cruiser - Rebel Ships
Chase Cards
C2Luke on TaunTaun
C3AT-ATs and Luke on TaunTaun
C4Snowpeeder circles an AT-AT
C5Luke and Yoda
C6Space Slug
C7Cloud City
C8Carbon-freezing Chamber, Darth vs. Luke
C9Luke Under Cloud City
C10Luke gets a new hand
Promo Cards
P1Vader tortures Han Solo / Advance Comics #79
P2AT-AT Walkers / Non-Sports Update v.6, n.4
P3Yoda surprises Luke / Tuff Stuff's Collect 8/95
P4Luke in Cloud City / Combo Magazine #7
P5Slave I / Conventions Only
P6Closing Scene / Wizard #48
#0Vader in Meditation Chamber / SW Galaxy Magazine #3
Unnumbered5x7" of P1,P2,P3 / Previews 7/95