Metallic Impressions - US - Return of the Jedi (1995)


Made by Metallic Impressions, this set was limited to 49,900 sets produced. The set comes packaged in a large colorful tin and contains 20 cards. Inside the tin, 20 metal cards have been fitted into black plastic slots that keep the cards separated.

Each card is metal. The front of the card features an image from the Return of the Jedi movie, set inside a border. The back of the card contains a second scene, set above text describing a portion of the movie plot. Because this is the third of the series (following SW and ESB), the cards are numbered 41 - 60.

Special thanks to Keith for providing information on the promo card for this set.

A big thank you also to Charles Shipley for providing the checklist below.

Special thanks to Dalton Mayo for providing the scans on this page.

Card Values
·  set value: $20-25
·  unopened box: $20-25
·  single: $1
·  promo: $3

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Card NumberDescription
41Death Star Reborn
42In Jabba's Clutches
43Cloaked Calrissian
44Droid Dilemma
45Max Rebo Band
46Han is Rescued
47The Rancor Pit
48Aboard a Skiff
49The Escape Begins
50Liea and Luke Escape
51Ackbar in Command
52Wily Wicket
53Imperial Scout
54Welcome to Endor
55Battle of Endor
56Lord Vader Commands
57Emperor's Trap
58On Target
59Final Battle
Promo Card
P3Return of the Jedi Poster Art (10th Anniversary)