Metallic Impressions - US - Empire Strikes Back (1995)


Made by Metallic Impressions, this set was limited to 49,900 sets produced. The set comes packaged in a large colorful tin, with a purple/pink color scheme. My set was 6957 of 49,900 as noted on the Certificate of Authenticity found inside the tin. A nice touch for those collectors who are interested in limited editions. But don't expect your tin cards to go up in value significantly. Like most card collectibles, they are to be valued for the fun they provide, as there is little or no potential profit in them. Inside the tin, 20 metal cards have been fitted into black plastic slots that keep the cards separated.

Each card is metal. The front of the card features an image from the Empire Strikes Back movie, set inside a border. The back of the card contains a second scene, set above text describing a portion of the movie plot. Because this is the second of the series (the SW set was the first series), cards are numbered 21 - 40.

Special thanks to Keith for providing promo card information.

Additional thanks to Dalton Mayo for providing the beautiful scans of this set.

Card Values
·  set value: $20-25
·  unopened box: $20-25
·  single: $1
·  promo: $3

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Card NumberDescription
21Battle on Hoth
22Han and Luke on Patrol
23AT-AT Walkers
24Imperial and Rebel Starships
25Bespin's Cloud City
27Trapped on Cloud City
28Jedi Training
29Carbon Freeze Chamber
30Boba Fett
31Lando Calrissian
32Luke Battles Vader
33Darth Vader
34Luke Skywalker
35Princess Leia
40Checklist (cast photo)
Promo Card
P2ESB: Vader's Helmet on Starry Background