Metallic Impressions - US - Dark Empire I & II (1995/1996)


Created by Metallic Impressions, each of these two tin sets contain six cards, and come packaged in a decorative tin. These sets was limited to a print run of 72,000 sets. Although a 'limited edition' item, these are not 'rare' and are often found for sale on the secondary market.

The first set was printed in 1995 and the second set in 1996. Featuring images from the Dark Empire comic book covers, each metal card is fairly impressive. The tin for this set is quite small, and cards were packaged protected in plastic sleeves to prevent unnecessary scratching while in the tin. Each card represents a comic book cover on the front, and contains a summary of the comic on the back, along with a scene from the comic book.

I would like to thank Dalton Mayo for generously providing the scans for the Dark Empire I set.

Card Values
·  set value: $10-15
·  single: $1

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Card NumberDescription
Dark Empire I
1Issue 1: The Destiny of a Jedi
2Issue 2: Devastator of Worlds
3Issue 3: The Battle for Calamari
4Issue 4: Confrontation on the Smuggler's Moon
5Issue 5: Emperor Reborn
6Issue 6: The Fate of a Galaxy
Dark Empire II
1Issue 1: Operation Shadow Hand
2Issue 2: Duel on Nar Shadda
3Issue 3: World of the Ancient Sith
4Issue 4: Battle on Byss
5Issue 5: The Galaxy Weapon
6Issue 6: Hand of Darkness