Topps - US - Star Wars Galaxy Series 2 (1994)


A second set of the Star Wars Galaxy Series, this card set continued the general theme of the first. Cards feature artwork of the Star Wars universe by well known comic artists. Cards were numbered beginning at 141, and ending at 275. There were six chase cards for the set, also numbered as a continuation of the Series I set; 7 through 12. The artists discuss their work, and the inspiration for particular cards on the backs of the cards. The cards range from the inspiring to the quaintly funny.

A Factory Set was also available for the Galaxy Series 2 cards. The Factory Set contained 135 regular cards, a "Coming Soon" card, Ralph McQuarrie #00 card, a Series 2 limited edition hologram, Widevision SWP#0, and Foils 7-12 done with a lighter background than their standard issue counterparts. The Factory Set was packaged in a tin.

Thanks to David Pipgras for the promo card information.

Card Values
·  set value: $10-15
·  unopened box: $55
·  single: $0.10
·  chase: $5
·  factory set: $50

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Card NumberDescription
141Series 2 Title Card
142Ralph McQuarrie
143A Giant Swamp Slug
144Imperial Walkers
145High Over Bespin
146The Entertainment
147The Imperial Palace
148Santa Yoda
149Marvel Comics
150Marvel's Series
151War in the Ice
152Luke Patrols
153Danger! Ugnaughts
154The Duel Begins
155Blasting Their Way
156Marvel's Return
157Lumiya, a Half-Human
158Darth Vader's
159Ulic Qel-Droma
160Pirate Captain
161Dark Empire
162World Devastators
163Princess Leia
164Emperor Palpatine
165As Luke Fights
166Boris Vallejo
167Ken Barr
168Michael Whelan
169Melanie Taylor Kent
170George Gaadt
171Basil Gogos
172Scott Gustafson
173Sir Alec Guinness
174Tony Auth
175Todd Andrews
176Michael David Ward
177Morgan Weistling
178Joe Johnston
179Nilo Rodis-Jamero
180Ewok Break Time
181John Mollo
182Creatures Galore
183A Speeder Bike Pilot
184"Assorted Aliens"
185Although the Ewoks
186The Star Wars Holiday
187Imperial City On
188Kazuhiko Sano
189The Characters From
190A More Stylized
191The Star Wars Concert
192Luke Surveys All
193Vader is the Death Star
194Where's Luke?
195Telling a Story
197A Tatooine Skiff
198The A-Wing Fighter
199Boba Fett
200Anakin Skywalker
201Pinball Wizards
202Star Wars Trilogy
203Gene Lemery
204Bill Schmidt
205Micael Allred
206Karl Altstaetter
207Thom Ang
208Sergio Aragones
209Marshall Arisman
210Dan Barry
211John Bolton
212Timothy Bradstreet
213Dan Brereton
214Ron Brown
215Frank Brunner
216Rich Buckler
217Greg Capullo
218Amanda Conner
219Ricardo Delgado
220Joe DeVito
221Colleen Doran
222Norm Dwyer
223Bob Fingerman
224Hugh Fleming
226Drew Friedman
227Rick Geary
228Dave Gibbons
229Mike Grell
230Rebecca Guay
231Lurene Haines
232Matt Haley
233Cully Hamner
234Rich Hedden
235Dave Hoover
236Janine Johnston
237Jeffrey Jones
238Kelley Jones
239Miran Kim
240Jack Kirby
241Ray Lago
242Zohar Lazar
243Jae Lee
244Paul Lee
245John Paul Lona
246David Lowery
247Shawn C. Martinbrough
248Mike Mayhew
249Walter McDaniel
250Mike McMahon
251Linda Medley
252David O. Miller
253C. Scott Morse
255Hoang Nguyen
256Kevin O'Neill
257Mark Pacella
258Jimmy Palmiotti
259Jason Pearson
260Brandon Peterson
261Joe Phillips
262Whilce Portacio
263Ralph Reese
264Zina Saunders
265Chris Sprouse
266Jim Starlin
267Arthur Suydam
269Tom Taggart
270Jill Thompson
271Tim Truman
272Keith Tucker
273Jeff Watts
274Mike Zeck
Chase Cards
10Boba Fett
UnnumberedSandpeople Star Wars #20 / Just Toys Offer
UnnumberedEvil Ewoks Triton Comic Cards & Collectibles #2
#00Darth Vader on Bridge QVC "SWG1" Sheetlet / SWG2 Factory Set
5 x 7Rancor / AT-ATs Previews v.4,n.2
P1Rancor Advance Comics 2/93 & Conventions
P2Luke Builds Lightsaber Non-Sports Update v.5, n.2
P3Yodas Not Available to the Public
P4Jawas and C-3P0 Millennium Falcon Factory Set
P5Chewbacca at Holochess Cards Illustrated #6
P6Boba Fett Hero Magazine #12
SWB1Grand Moff Tarkin Binder Only