Topps - US - Star Wars Galaxy Series 1 (1993)


These trading cards represent Topps' return to the distribution of Star Wars trading cards. They also represent a departure from the traditional photo image cards previously produced for the Star Wars films. These cards present the artwork of the Star Wars universe with often powerful, often quirky images from a wide range of artists. In addition to portraits of twelve of the movie characters, the cards include artwork from the production of Star Wars, poster art, promotional and merchandising art, as well as art by comic illustrators. The card set features many incredible images.

In addition to the regular set of cards, a special factory set was issued. The factory set was issued in a plastic reproduction of the Millennium Falcon. Although the plastic falcon looked rather cheaply done, it hid a wealth of great cards, including a complete set of foil stamped cards, a special Darth Vader 3-D hologram, and promo card #0. Additionally, collectors could send away for a special binder to hold their card collection. This binder came with a special promo card not available anywhere else, SWB1.

Card Values
·  set value: $10-15
·  unopened box: $55
·  single: $0.10
·  chase: $5
·  factory set: $50

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Card NumberDescription
1Title Card
2George Lucas Art Montage
3Luke Skywalker
4Darth Vader
5Leia Organa
6Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi
7Han Solo
9Lando Calrissian
13Boba Fett
15Ralph McQuarrie
16The Death Star Trench
17Ron Cobb
19"Typical Wookiee Family"
20Holiday Special
23Yoda (Johnston)
24A Space Slug
26The Death Star
27Jabba The Hutt
28Costume Design
29Princess Leia
30Original Sketches
31Lando (Rodis-Jamero)
32Yoda as Gremlin
33Bad Hair Day?
34The Rancor
35Jabba's Menagerie
36Gamorrean Guards
37Bib Fortuna
38Creature Collaboration
39Princess Leia's Hair
41Leia as a Pin-Up
42Droid Torture Chamber
43The Max Rebo Band
44Luke's Confrontation
45The Speeder Bike Chase
46The Emperor Strikes Back
47Wedge Antilles
48Howard Chaykin
49John Berkey
50Berkey's Concept
51A Huge Space Battle
52Jim Campbell Poster
53Goozee / Siniger
54Foreign Movie Posters
55White III / Struzan
56Artists' Imaginations
57Druillet / McQuarrie
58Italian Poster Art
59An Evil Darth Vader
60A Close Encounter
61If Droids Can Frolic
62Villains (Del Nichols)
63Dorman / Strain
64Two Lukes
65International Art
66Sanjulian / Larry Noble
67The Mountain
68The Noble TaunTaun
69A Pastiche
70The Rebels Transcend
71Borris Vallejo
72Male Bonding
73Revenge" Poster / Sano
74Heat Seems to Rise
75"We're Moving!"
76Even Droids Celebrate
77Santa Threepio
78Strike Up the Droids
79Thomas Blackshear
80Jim Steranko
81Steranko's "Empire"
82Kyle Baker
83Bret Blevins
84Ted Boonthanakit
85June Brigman
86Paul Chadwick
87Howard Chaykin
88Mark Chiarello
89Geof Darrow
90Steve Ditko
91Dave Dorman
92George Evans
93Fastner & Larson
94Keith Giffen
95Paul Gulacy
96Bo Hampton
97Scott Hampton
98Michael Wm. Kaluta
99Gil Kane (A)
100Gil Kane (B)
101Cam Kennedy
102Dale Keown
103Karl Kesel
104Sam Keith (A)
105Sam Keith (B)
106David Lapham
107Mike Lemos
108Estoban Maroto
109Cynthia Martin
110Michael Mignola
112Jerome Moore
113Jon J. Muth
114Mark Nelson
115Earl Norem
116Allen Nunis
117Jason Palmer
118George Perez
119George Pratt
120Joe Quesada
121P. Craig Russell
122Mark Shultz
123Bill Seinkiewicz
124Walter Simonson
125Ken Steacy
126Brian Stelfreeze (A)
127Brian Stelfreeze (B)
128Dale Stevens
129William Stout
130Greg Theakston
131Angelo Torres
132Jim Valentino
133John Van Fleet
134Charles Vess
135Russell Walks
136Al Williamson (A)
137Al Williamson (B)
138Thomas Wm. Yeates II
139Bruce Zick
Chase Cards
1 of 6Darth Vader
2 of 6Han Solo
3 of 6Luke and R2
4 of 6Chewie and C-3P0
5 of 6Obi-Wan and Yoda
6 of 6Leia
UnnumberedPrincess Leia/Artist Checklist Non-Sports Update v.4,n.2 / Conventions
UnnumberedStormtrooper on Dewback Conventions
UnnumberedUncut Sheet of Above Advance Comics #52
UnnumberedJabba and Crumb Non-Sports Update v.4, n.2 / Starlog 191
6 x 8"Sam Keith / Walt Simonson Previews 2/93 and Heroes World Scoreboard 2/93
UnnumberedBoba Fett and Dengar Dark Horse Comics Classic SW #8
UnnumberedTruce at Bakura Cover Art Waldenbooks w/Novel Purchase
Bend-em's CardsListed Separately Bend-em Toys