West End Games - US - RPG Gaming Cards (1990s)


If, when you think of Star Wars game cards, you think of CCG cards by Decipher or Wizards of the Coast, well, I can hardly blame you. There is another group of Star Wars cards used for games however, the cards packaged with West End Games Role Playing sets. Primarily character and ship cards, these are used as part of the game play for Star Wars Role Playing. While these aren't traditional Star Wars trading cards, or even traditional gaming cards, they are definitely part of the Star Wars card universe and deserve a place here. Cards are packaged with gaming sets (boxed), or in individual game books. On the Checklist below, I have listed the book (or gaming pack) that cards come in, and then listed out the cards found in that book. Feel free to let me know if I am missing any from the list. As it is hopelessly out-of-date, I am bound to be missing a number of cards.

Each card has a picture front. The back of each card has the name of the character, capability or ship, and a description of scoring options for game play. These cards have some really terrific images of ships, especially when compared to the Topps Vehicles set. Some really terrific character images as well. Both photo and drawn images are used. Images are larger than those found on Decipher CCG cards, but overall, card quality is much lower. Cards are printed on sheets (8 to a sheet) and intended to be punched out. This is a long page. Be prepared to scroll.

Card Values
·  set value: no real set
·  single: $0.25

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Book Card Came WithDescription
Star Wars Introduction Adventure GameLandspeeder
AT-ST Walker
Speeder Bike
Probe Droid
Corellian Corvette
A-Wing Fighter
Mon Calamari Star Cruiser
Corellian YT-1300 Freighter
X-Wing Fighter
Y-Wing Fighter
Nebulon-B Frigate
B-Wing Fighter
Magnify Senses
TIE Bomber
AT-AT Walker
Imperial Star Destroyer
TIE Fighter
Imperial Lambda Shuttle
TIE Interceptor
Affect Mind
Life Detection
Absorb / Dissipate Energy
Hibernation Trance
Control Pain
Sense Force
Lightsaber Combat
Rodian Bounty Hunter
Gamorrean Guard
Imperial Stormtrooper
Tusken Raider
Imperial Scout Trooper
Bounty Hunter
Imperial Officer
Imperial Army Trooper
Colonel Pertarn (drawn image)
Edan Tiger (Snowcat) (drawn)
Viv (drawn)
Dantaree (drawn)
Colonel Deers (drawn)
Locux Hyen (drawn)
Teles Jalahafi (drawn)
Jorus Kai (drawn)
Imperial Heavy Repulsortank (drawn)
Shela Jalahafi (drawn)
Armored Repulsorlift Transport (drawn)
Scruts (drawn)
Imperial Patrol Landspeeder (drawn)
Salvaged Y-Wing Fighter (drawn)
R2-D6 (drawn)
Vindicator (drawn)
Rebel Alliance Soldier
Mon Calamari Scout
Sullustan Smuggler
Jawa Trader
Twi'lek Merchant
R2 Astromech Droid
Wookie Outlaw
Protocol Droid
Star Wars Instant Adventures (book)Battz (drawn)
Gennan Var (drawn)
Leona Makk (drawn)
Nikal Kam (drawn)
Rebel Alliance Combat Landspeeder (drawn)
TIE Bomber (drawn)
F'ej D'aw (drawn)
Identification Card
Z-95 Headhunter (drawn)
The Nal Hutta Jewel (drawn)
Voxen Tass (drawn)
Pirate Y-TIE "Ugly" (drawn)
Zobberan Hounds (drawn)
B'aerlak Beasts (drawn)
Mobquet Corona (drawn)
Automap (drawn)
Imperial Supply Depot (drawn)
Pirate Corvette (drawn)
Floating Fortress (drawn)
Heavy Assault Starfighter (drawn)
Biker Scout Patrol (drawn)
Imperial Storm Commandos (drawn)
COMPFORCE Assault Troopers (drawn)
DepotSec Troops (drawn)
Zarfeen (drawn)
Nawnam the Hutt (drawn)
Boe Vixe (drawn)
R2-C9 (drawn)
Kala Kevv (drawn)
Standard Stormtrooper (drawn)
Xishel (drawn)
Vee Naaq (drawn)
Star Wars Tapani Sector Instant Adventures (book)Hamar's Mercenaries (drawn)
Valka (drawn)
Hamar-Chaktak (drawn)
Janna Pallask (drawn)
K4 Security Droid (drawn)
Lady Brigta Hejaran (drawn)
Surveillance Droid (drawn)
Imperial Navy Trooper (drawn)
Aratech REPSUB (drawn)
Adana Vermor (drawn)
Spin-blade (drawn)
Janos Marsh (drawn)
Pershon (drawn)
JAN Commando (drawn)
The Bright Seekers (drawn)
Container Ship (drawn)
Sir Tazur Pheron (drawn)
Colonel Raibat (drawn)
Themion Hejaran (drawn)
Captain Brixus Aidine (drawn)
Captain Nils Wender (drawn)
Trel Modetto (drawn)
House Mecetti Agent (drawn)
House Pelagia Agent (drawn)
Sir Ajax Wennel (drawn)
House Barnaba Guard (drawn)
The Knife's Edge (drawn)
Regul Staganac (drawn)
Sir Trevas Jotane (drawn)
Spaceport Guard (drawn)
Aldine Brigade Soldiers (drawn)
Crimson Slug (drawn)
Star Wars Stock Ships (book)These cards are all oversized
Hyrotil Crescent-class Transport (drawn)
Corellian XS-800 Light Freighter (drawn)
Stock Kazellis Light Freighter (drawn)
Stock DeepWater Light Freighter (drawn)
Starlight Light Freighter (drawn)
Nova-Drive 3-Z Light Freighter (drawn)
Suwantek Systems TL-1800 (drawn)
Starfield ZH-25 Questor (drawn)
Corellian HT-2200 Frighter
Barloz-class Medium Freighter (drawn)
Ship's Operating License (drawn)
Stock Surronian L19 Freighter (drawn)
Stock Starwind Yacht (drawn)
Lantillian Short Hauler (drawn)
Stocke YT-2400 Transport (drawn)
Z-10 Seeker (drawn)
Star Wars Lords of the Expanse (boxed set)Kijo Mnuue (drawn)
Tapani Guardsman (drawn)
Tapani Frigate (drawn)
Manta-class Assault Starfighter (drawn)
1X-2A (drawn)
Melchi (drawn)
Solar Flare (drawn)
Rodian Karstag (drawn)
Captain Lin Nunsk (drawn)
Major General Tessala Corvae (drawn)
Brak Dunell (drawn)
Lord Alec Lamere (drawn)
Annora Calandra (drawn)
JAN Terrorist (drawn)
Lord Vaskel Savill (drawn)
Dr. Arkeld (drawn)