Heraclio Fournier - Spain - Droids/Ewoks Playing Cards (1986)


These playing cards are used for a game, and came packaged in a box with instructions for playing the game. Distributed in Spain at the time of the Droids and Ewoks cartoon series. I'm sorry I don't have much additional information on these cards. There are 32 cards in the deck.

According to Corny Van Brenk these cards are used to play a game which is known as 'Quartet' in Europe. The game sounds very similar to what is often called 'Go Fish' here in the United States. The set contains eight subsets of four cards. Divided among four players, the set allows the players to attempt to complete as many of the subsets as possible by asking other players about available cards. This is a typical children's card game, and a logical use for these interesting little cards. Thanks to Corny for the update, and the image of the card box shown above.

Card Values

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