Kellogg's - Canada - C-3PO Cereal Cards (1984)


In Canada, boxes of C-3P0 cereal offered a chance to collect 20 Star Wars trading cards.

Special thanks to Matt Couch for his assistance with the description on this page. His help is greatly appreciated.

These cards appear to have come packaged four together sealed in a clear cellophane package. The cards are quite a bit smaller than the American Stick'R cards, and these cards are not stickers. The cards measure about 2 1/8 inch by 2 and 7/8 inches. There is only one image per card, and the blue border is similar to the peeled Stick'R card borders. Because there are twenty cards in the set, it would appear this set uses all twenty of the images from the American cards (images from cards and stickers combined).

The text on the front and back of the cards is in both English and French. It appears that cards one to ten had a light brown, cardboard-looking finish while cards from the second ten (11-20) have a white background on the card backs.

I do not have a complete checklist for these cards at this time, but the partial list below was provided by Matt as well. Any assistance regarding these cards would be greatly appreciated.

Card Values

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Card NumberDescription
1 of 20"Luke"
2 of 20"Han"
3 of 20"R2-D2"
4 of 20"C-3PO"
5 of 20"The droids in the Hoth base"
6 of 20"Yoda"
7 of 20"Wicket"
8 of 20"Darth Vader"
9 of 20"Chewbacca"
10 of 20"Princess Leia"
11 of 20"Luke"
12 of 20"Falcon Cockpit"
13 of 20"Droids in Jabba's palace"
14 of 20"Droids in the Falcon"
15 of 20"C3PO & and Ewok"
16 of 20"Yoda on Luke's Back"
17 of 20"R2-D2 & Wicket"
18 of 20"Vader, Boba & Lando"
19 of 20"Chewie & Boussh"
20 of 20"Leia Hushing C-3P0 as Chewbacca Looks On"