Topps - US - ROTJ Stickers and Album (1983)


Distributed in 1983, the Topps Return of the Jedi Sticker album and stickers are very similar to the Panini albums we are all accustomed to seeing. One difference between a typical Panini album, and the Topps ROTJ sticker album, is the number of stickers that show an individual image. Almost all of the Topps stickers are part of a bigger image, with very few being a single image. And while with Panini you occasionally need to put two stickers together to make a scene, in the Topps album, it is not uncommon to need to use four or even six stickers in making a scene. The images however are really great, and the bigger pictures that are created in this way are very impressive.

Stickers came in small packets of five stickers each. The album, sold separately from the stickers, was originally sold at a cost of twenty five cents American. Inside pages had places to put together the stickers that would make larger pictures. Each page was dedicated to a character, or a particular movie theme. Luke, Han, Leia, and Lando each have a page. Jabba has two! Each page was printed in a primary color (red, blue, etc.) with a watermark styled image from the movie visible beneath where the stickers would be placed. In addition to the scenes to be created with regular square stickers, there were six ships that could be put together, using stickers cut out in the shape of parts of the ships.

Card Values
·  set value: $20
·  unopened box: $25
·  single: $0.50
·  album: $5

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Card NumberDescription
11 of 9 for a scene
2scene shows a star destroyer
3approaching the death star
4with TIE fighter escort
55 of 9
66 of 9
77 of 9
88 of 9
99 of 9
10Luke Skywalker
11Darth Vader
121 of 6 for a scene
13scene shows ROTJ logo
143 of 6
154 of 6
165 of 6
176 of 6
18top of Luke
19bottom of Luke
20Luke Skywalker
21Luke in Gun Turret
22Darth Reaches Out to Luke
23Luke Before the Emperor
24Han Solo
25Top of Han
26Bottom of Han
27Han Solo
28Han Solo
29Han on Endor
30Top of Leia
31Bottom of Leia
33Leia on Cloud City
34Top of Slave Leia
35Bottom of Slave Leia
37Lando and Associates
38Lando and Leia at Jabba's
391 of 4 for scene
40scene shows Lando in skiff gear
413 of 4
424 of 4
431 of 4 for scene
44scene shows Jabba
453 of 4
464 of 4
47Top of Salacious Crumb
48Bottom of Salacious Crumb
49Palace Alien
50Greedo's Cousin and Jawa
51Gamorrean Guard
52Leia and Chewie
531 of 4 for scene
553 of 4
564 of 4
57Bib Fortuna
58Band Player
59Max Rebo on Keyboards
60Sy Snootles
611 of 4 for scene
62sketch of the band (drawing)
633 of 4
644 of 4
65Han in Carbonite
66Boushh Approaches Han - left
67Same Scene - right
69A Kiss - left
70A Kiss - right
71Jabba and Imprisoned Leia - left
72Jabba and Imprisoned Leia - right
74Top of R2 the Waiter
75Bottom of R2 the Waiter
76Leia and Jabba - left
77Leia and Jabba - right
781 of 3 scene
79scene shows Skiff and Sail Barge
803 of 3
81Top of Luke
82Bottom of Luke
831 of 4 for scene
84scene shows Lando and Skiff Guard Battle
853 of 4
864 of 4
871 of 6 for scene
88scene shows Luke in Sail Barge Battle
893 of 6
904 of 6
915 of 6
926 of 6
93Skiff - left
94Skiff - right
95Leia versus Jabba
961 of 4 for scene
97scene of Han Rescues Lando
983 of 4
994 of 4
100Gamorrean Guard
101Leia Fights - left
102Leia Fights - right
103Yoda - left
104Yoda - right
105Rebel Meeting
106Mon Mothma - top
107Mon Mothma - bottom
108Han Solo
109Han and Lando
110Mon Calamari - left
111Mon Calamari - right
112Mon Calamari - top
113Mon Calamari - bottom
114Fly Casual - left
115Fly Casual - right
116Han Solo
117Droids on Endor
118Biker Scout
119Hurt Leia
120Leia Endor - top
121Leia Endor - bottom
122Leia and Wicket
123Caught in a Net - top
124Caught in a Net - bottom
125Chief Chirpa - left
126Chief Chirpa - right
1271 of 4 for scene
128scene shows Wicket
1293 of 4
1304 of 4
1321 of 4 for scene
133scene shows Baby Ewok
1343 of 4
1354 of 4
136Wicket and R2
137Roast Han - left
138Roast Han - right
139Leia at Ewok Village
140Quiet C-3P0 - top
141Quiet C-3P0 - bottom
142Biker Scout - left
143Biker Scout - bottom
1441 of 4 for scene
145Sketch of Biker Scout
1463 of 4
1474 of 4
149AT-ST - top
150AT-ST - bottom
151Captured Rebels
152Droids in Battle - left
153Droids in Battle - right
154Battle - left
155Battle - right
156Emperor - top
157Emperor - bottom
158Before the Throne
159Luke and Vader
160Jedi Duel - left
161Jedi Duel - right
1621 of 2 Shuttle Cutaway
1632 of 2 Shuttle Cutaway
1641 of 2 A-Wing Cutaway
1652 of 2 A-Wing Cutaway
1661 of 2 Shuttle Cutaway
1672 of 2 Shuttle Cutaway
1681 of 2 B-Wing Cutaway
1692 of 2 B-Wing Cutaway
1701 of 4 Falcon Cutaway
1712 of 4 Falcon Cutaway
1723 of 4 Falcon Cutaway
1734 of 4 Falcon Cutaway
1741 of 2 B-Wing Cutaway
1752 of 2 B-Wing Cutaway
176Celebration - right
177Celebration - left
178Han and Wedge Shake Hands
179Han and Leia - left
180Han and Leia - right