Topps - US - Return of the Jedi - Series I (Red) (1983)


These cards were distributed 10 to a pack, each pack also containing a single sticker, and a stick of gum. There were four wrapper variations in the set, Jabba, Darth, Jedi Luke, and an Ewok. The cards had a bright red border, with a yellow bar containing the descriptive text for the card. Card backs had information about the movie plot, or about the characters shown on the front of the card. Sticker background colors varied, and included red, yellow, green, blue and purple. It is possible to collect each sticker in two different colors, making a truly complete set of stickers difficult to collect if you try to get every variation.

Card Values
  set value: $25
  unopened box: $65
  single: $0.15
  sticker: $0.50 - $1

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Card NumberCard Description
1Title Card - Poster Art
2Luke Skywalker
3Darth Vader
4Han Solo
5Princess Leia Organa
6Lando Calrissian
8C-3P0 and R2-D2
9The New Death Star
10The Inspection
11Toward the Desert Palace
12Bib Fortuna
13Court of Evil
14Jabba The Hutt
15Intergalactic Gangster
16Salacious Crumb
17A Message For Jabba The Hutt
18Dungeons of Jabba The Hutt
19Beedo and a Jawa
20Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band
21Droopy McCool
22Sy Snootles
23Watched By Boba Fett
24Boushh's Captive
25The Bounty Hunter Boushh
26The Villains Confer
27Han Solo's Plight
28The Rescuer
30Princess Leia to the Rescue!
31Heroes in Disguise
32The Princess Enslaved
33Luke Skywalker Arrives
34The Young Jedi
35The Court in Chaos!
36The Rancor Pitt
37Facing Jabba the Hutt
38The Sail Barge and the Desert Skiff
39Jabba the Hutt's New Dancing Girl
40On the Sail Barge
41A Monstrous Fate!
42The Battle Begins
43Lando Calrissian's Fight For Life
44Fury of the Jedi!
45Princess Leia Strikes Back!
46The Demise of Jabba The Hutt
47Boba Fett's Last Stand
48The Rescue
49Gamorrean Guard
50The Deadly Cannon
51The Raging Battle
52Princess Leia Swings Into Action!
53Swing to Safety
54On the Death Star
55Guards of the Emperor
56The Deciders
57The Emperor
58Yoda the Jedi Master
59A Word With Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
60The Allies Meet
61A New Challenge
62Pondering the Raid
63Mission: Destroy the Death Star!
64Mon Mothma
65The Friends Depart
66Benevolent Creature
67The Plan Begins
68Forest of Endor
69Droids on the Move
70Blasting a Speeder Bike
71Approaching the Princess
72A New Found Friend
73Princess Leia's Smile
74Under Attack!
75Imperial Scout Peril!
76Entering the Throne Room
77The Skywalker Factor
78Captured by the Ewoks
79The Netted Droid
80All Hail See-Threepio!
81Royal Treatment
82Sitting With Royalty
83Levitated By Luke
84The Ewok Leaders
85Logray and Chief Chirpa
86Help From Princess Leia
87Will Han Solo Be Dinner?
88The Baby Ewok
89The Forest Creatures
90The Droid and the Ewok
91R2-D2 Meets Wicket
92Unexpected Allies
93Serious Situation
94Luke Skywalker's Destiny
95Quiet, See-Threepio!
96Imperial Biker Scout
97Biker Scout and the Battlefield
98Han Solo's Approach
99The Ultimate Mission
100Ready for Action!
101Ambushed by the Empire
102Observed by the Ewoks
103The Courageous Ewoks
105Revising Their Plan
106AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport)
107The Forest Fighters!
108Break For Freedom!
109Artoo-Detoo - Hit!
110Chewbacca Triumphant!
111Ewoks to the Rescue!
112Battle in the Forest
113Stormtrooper Attack!
114The Victorious Rebels
115Time Out for Love
116Facing the Emperor
117Master of Terror
118The Emperor's Offer
119Battle of the Jedi
120Lightsaber Battle!
121Darth Vader is Down!
122The Confrontation
123The Death Star Raid
124Military Leader Admiral Ackbar
125Within the Death Star
126Victory Celebration!
127Congratulations Wedge
128The Triumphant Trio
129The Heroic Droids
130Toward Brighter Tomorrows
131Checklist I - Darth
132Checklist II - Wicket
Sticker NumberSticker Description
2Ewok Medicine Man
3Horn Player
5Cantina Alien
6Admiral Ackbar
8Han Solo
11Han Solo
14Band Singer
15Baby Ewok
16Nien Nunb
17Lando Calrissian
19Obi-Wan Kenobi
20Luke Skywalker
22Gamorrean Guard
23Salacious Crumb
25Boba Fett
28Lando in Skiff Disguise
29Max Rebo
30Leia on Endor
32Han Solo
33Biker Scout
WrapperWrapper Description
Luke SkywalkerWrapper Back: 5 cent Bazooka Bubble Gum
Darth VaderWrapper Back: Ring Pop
Jabba the HutWrapper Back: New from Topps: Soft Bazooka Bubble Gum
EwokWrapper Back: New from Topps: Soft Bazooka Bubble Gum