Tip Top Ice Cream - New Zealand - Jedi Jelly Stickers (1983)


These stickers were distributed as part of a promotion of 'Jedi Jelly' ice cream in New Zealand by the Tip Top ice cream company. Four different stickers could be obtained. I do not know if the stickers were packaged one per box or individually with each Jedi Jelly ice cream bar. I would love to have additional information about how these were distributed and advertised. I'm also amused that 'Jedi Jelly' would be the flavor name for the ice cream. My imagination reels!

Each of the four stickers featured the ewoks or the ewoks with the droids. None of the other more famous characters from the Return of the Jedi film were featured. While this is a small sticker set, it is one that can be a challenge to complete.

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Card Values

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Sticker Description
C-3P0 on Throne
Wicket the Ewok
Ewok Warrior
R2 and 3P0 among the ewoks