Panini - Europe - ROTJ Sticker Album (1983)


Panini issued a number of different albums for stickers in various countries in 1977, 1980, and 1983. In America, only a Return of the Jedi album was issued, but several countries were given a chance to collect and paste stickers for Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back as well. There doesn't seem to have been a particular pattern for how albums were distributed. Unlike the European albums issued in 1997, these albums were completely unique to each country, making them a fun collectible.

The German Return of the Jedi album is smaller in size than the Star Wars album. The cover shows various stickers from within the album. There is very little text within the album, except for the descriptions for each sticker scene.

The album allowed collectors to collect a total of 180 stickers, including several that are cut outs showing various ships. I have detailed them below with descriptions of the pictures they formed. Where multiple stickers are used to form a single image, they are listed together. I hope to post scans of my album in the near future.

Card Values
  set value: $20-25
  unopened box: $20-25
  single: $0.10 - 0.50
  album: $5-10

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Card NumberDescription
1 - 9Star Destroyer and TIEs approach a Death Star.
10Luke Skywalker
11Darth Vader
12 - 17Movie Logo: Star Wars Return of the Jedi (in English)
18 -19Luke Skywalker
21Luke in the Falcon's gun turret.
22Darth Vader reaches out to Luke.
23Luke before the Emperor.
24Han Solo
25 - 26Han fires his blaster.
28Han Solo
29Han Solo on Endor.
30 - 31Princess Leia in Endor Ewok outfit.
33Leia in Cloud City dress.
34 - 35Leia in Bikini.
37Lando and Cloud City troops.
38Lando in skiff gear.
39 - 42Lando in skiff helmet, close-up.
43 - 46Jabba the Hutt
47 - 48Salacious Crumb
49Jabba's Palace alien
50Beedo and a Jawa.
51Gamorrean Guard
52A captured Chewie.
53 - 56C-3P0
57Bib Fortuna and Boushh.
58Droopy McCool
59Max Rebo
60Sy Snootles
61 - 64Artwork of the band.
65Han in carbonite.
66 - 67Boushh approaches the frozen Han.
68Han is defrosted.
69 - 70Han and Leia kiss.
71 - 72Leia a prisoner before Jabba's throne.
73The Jedi Luke.
74 - 75Artoo serves drinks.
76 - 77Jabba and Leia get close.
78 - 80Jabba's sail barge.
81 - 82Luke with his lightsaber.
83 - 86Lando battles a guard.
87 - 92Luke battles Jabba's guards.
93 - 94Hanging from the skiff.
95Leia frees herself
96 - 99Han reaches out to Lando.
100Gamorrean Guard
101 - 102The Princess joins the fight.
103 - 104Yoda
105The allies meet to plan a battle.
106 - 107Mon Mothma
109Han and Lando prepare to go into battle.
110 - 111Admiral Ackbar and his Mon Calamari in command.
112 - 113A Mon Calamari soldier.
114 - 115Fly Casual - Inside the Captured Imperial Shuttle
116Han Solo
117R2 and C-3P0 on Endor.
118A biker scout is felled.
119Wicket approaches a fallen Leia.
120 - 121Leia in Endor gear.
122Wicket and Leia
123 - 124Our heroes are captured in an Ewok trap.
125 - 126Logray and Chief Chirpa
127 - 130Wicket
131C-3P0 tells is story.
132 -135Baby Ewok
136R2 and Wicket
137 - 138A captured Han.
140 - 141Leia silences C-3P0.
142 - 143Biker Scout
144 - 147Artwork of a Biker Scout.
149 - 150AT - ST
151Captured heroes.
152 - 153Ewoks and droids in the battle.
154 - 155The chaos of battle.
156 - 157The Emperor
158Luke and Darth in the throne room.
159Luke and Vader.
160 - 161Luke and Vader battle.
162 - 163cut-out shuttle
164 - 165cut-out a-wing
166 - 167cut-out shuttle
168 - 171cut-out Falcon
172 - 173cut-out B-Wing
174 - 175cut-out B-Wing
176 - 177Celebrating the Rebel victory.
178Han and Wedge shake hands.
179 - 180Han and Leia holding hands.