Opee Chee - Canada - ROTJ Cards (1983)


The Opee-Chee company, in association with Topps, had the license to produce Star Wars cards for the Canadian market. These cards had both French and English text, but were otherwise the same as the Topps version of the cards.

One interesting difference was in the stickers. Although it was common for International versions of Topps sets to have no stickers with them, the ROTJ Opee Chee set did have stickers. The stickers however had a plain white border. This was very different from the colorful borders issued in the US.

I do not have a proper checklist for these cards at this time.

Card Values
  set value: $20-25
  unopened box: $45
  single: $0.25
  sticker: $1

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No checklist available at this time.