Monty Fabrieken - The Netherlands - ROTJ Cards (1983)


These vintage cards were produced in the Netherlands by a company called Monty Factories in the city of Leiden. Known as Monty cards, they are different from many other vintage international cards, in that they are not simply a recreation of an American set with a different company name on them. Monty cards are smaller in size than normal trading cards and are very different from the American ROTJ sets.

The Monty ROTJ set contains 100 cards. Each card is slightly under 2 inches wide (5 centimeters), and approximately 2 and 3/4 inches high (7 centimeters). All of the cards have a yellow border, with the ROTJ logo at the top of the card. Under the logo is a picture from the movie. Above the logo, in the upper right-hand corner is a very small number, which is the number of the card. The 100 cards do not follow the plot line of the movie, with images appearing in almost random order. There is no text on the back of the card to provide any information, and the cards do not bear the Monty name anywhere on them. They do have the LucasFilm copyright.

The wrappers for these cards were also yellow, and were more similar to a small paper bag in design, than to a wrapper. Each wrapper had the ROTJ logo, and showed Vader (with a red cape) and a Gamorrean Guard on the front. The back showed the two droids, R2-D2 and C-3P0. On the back of the wrapper, in small text below the LucasFilm copyright is the name of the Monty company and the words "Made and Printed in Holland." 6 cards came in each wrapper. Cards were perforated and joined together, and needed to be separated. An uncut sheet of cards was available as well.

Card Values
  set value: $25-50
  unopened box: $25
  single: $0.50 - $1

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Card NumberDescription
1Desert Skiff Above the Sarlacc Pit
2Darth Vader (posed picture)
3Luke Skywalker
4Wicket the Ewok (posed picture)
5Biker Scout
6Leia and Wicket Share a Log
7Luke on Ewok Village Walkway
8Han Solo (posed picture) on Endor
9Jabba's Palace Flute Player
10Jabba's Palace Singer
11Jabba the Hutt
13C-3P0 and Logray
14Emperor and Royal Guards
15Gamorreans and Other Palace Aliens
16Wicket and R2-D2
17Weequay Guard Falling Into Sarlacc
18Battle on the Desert Skiff
20R2 and C-3P0 Walk to Jabba's Palace
21Jabba and Bib Fortuna
22Chief Chirpa
23Ackbar at the Bridge
24Boushh Approaches Frozen Han
25Leia in Ewok Village
28Han Solo (posed picture)
29Wicket (close up)
30Luke With Saber
31The Falcon
32Jabba's Singer
33Jedi Luke Enters the Palace
35Inside the Shuttle Cockpit (fly casual)
36C-3P0 Tells a Story
37Baby Ewok
38Battle on Endor
39Captured Han Solo
40Bib Fortuna
41Max Rebo
42Max Rebo and Band
43Lando and Nien Nunb
44Max and Band (different view)
45Desert Sail Barge
46Disguised Lando and Leia
47Luke Takes Aim
49Yak Face
50R2 and C-3P0 at Jabba's Door
53Lando Fights a Skiff Guard
54Luke and Leia Prepare to Swing
56Luke with Saber on Endor (posed)
57Han with Blaster at Bunker
59Boba Fett
61Boba Fett and Other Palace Dwellers
62Emperor and Royal Guards
63Scout Trooper Arrests Leia
65Vader and Royal Guards
66Jabba's Palace Denizens (posed shot)
67A Captured Chewbacca
68Palace Denizens (including Fett)
70Dangling From the Skiff
72AT-ST Firing
73On the Skiff
74Vader and Luke Duel
75Han, Leia and Luke on Endor (posed)
77Wicket, R2 and C-3P0 (posed)
80Salacious Crumb
82Poster Art
84Cast on Endor (posed)
85Jabba with Oola and Crumb
86Luke on Stairs of Throne Room
87Luke and Vader Face Off Across Emperor's Throne
89Ackbar and Other Mon Calamari
91Gamorrean on a Barge
92Scout Arrests Leia
94Boushh and Chewbacca
95Gamorrean and Other Palace Creatures
96C-3P0 and Chief Chirpa
97Jabba and Bib
98Battle on Endor
99Lando and Nien Nunb
100Luke in Jabba's Palace