Kellogg's - Australia - ROTJ Decoder Discs (1983)


Issued in Australia in 1983, these discs were also game pieces that allowed you to win prizes. The scratch off portion of the disc had a perforated edge, allowing it to be separated and mailed in if you were a winner. These discs are most often found in a separated state. The discs are not common and will be a challenge for most collectors to to obtain.

The full set contained 16 discs. Eight of the discs could be found in Rice Bubbles cereal, and eight of the discs could be found in Corn Flakes cereal.

Thanks to my friend Andy for help with this page.

Card Values
  set value: $20-25
  single: $1-2

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Card NumberDescription
1Princess Leia is cared for by Ewoks
2Ewoks on forested moon of Endor
3Han Solo and C-3P0 hatch a plan
4Max Reebo plays keyboards
5Gamorrean Guard on Jabba's sail barge
6Our hereos held captive on moon of Endor
7C-3P0 and Logray the Ewok
8Luke Skywalker rescues Princess Leia
9Jabba the Hutt with Bib Fortuna
10Squid Head in Jabba the Hutt's palace
11Darth Vader awaits the Emperor
12Lando Calrissian and Nien Nunb
13Chewbacca captures AT-ST Walker
14Salacious Crumb
15Luke Skywalker fights Gamorrean Guards
16Jabba turns Leia into dancing girl