Break - Australia - Poster and Sticker Set (1983/1984)


Special thanks go out to Rob Heron for help with this page.

Break was a small sized fruit juice drink (nicknamed "Poppers" , since after finishing them kids would blow air into them and 'pop' / burst them !)

Break was made by Sunburst Regency Foods

Throughout the '80's and early '90's they would have peel-off stickers on the back of the drink, plus and offer to send-away for a large sized poster.

For the Empire Strike's Back offer, the following items were available:

  • Sendaway poster that says "Build an EWOK ADVENTURE with Break" and shows a painting of the Ewok village, plus the giant Gorax on the left hand side. There's a photo of the main characters from the Ewok Adventure movie on the lower right hand side.
  • 26 stickers, all with painted art, with all the characters from the Ewok Adventure movie. (It's possible there were 3 or 4 more stickers, Rob wasn't sure his memory was perfect!)
  • small display ad for the poster "Collect BREAK stickers to build a giant EWOK ADVENTURE poster". Ad shows a picture of Wicket.
  • small plastic grocery bag advertising the offer - same text as above.
  • the drinks themselves were usually bundled in 6 or 9 packs, with a small ad burst on the outside wrapping, advertising the offer.

For a dedicated collector, finding the Ewok Break stickers and poster set, not to mention the other items associated with the offer might be difficult, but should also be considered a fun challenge. Ewok items remain quite popular today.

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