Topps - US - Empire Strikes Back (Series III) (1980)

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The third and final series of standard cards for the Empire Strikes Back film again had only 88 cards and 22 stickers. This gave the three series a combined 352 cards and 88 stickers. The final series of stickers were all alphabet stickers with no character pictures. The cards themselves had a green and yellow border.

This is actually a fairly interesting card set in part because of all of the artwork. Many of the character drawings are now very familiar as the comic book images for each character. Additionally, the series includes artwork by the production artists, and some interesting behind-the-scenes images. Including a favorite miniature image of the Falcon.

The alphabet stickers were also an interesting quirk for this set. While very fun for sticking on things and trying to spell out your name, etc., the particular letters chosen for the set appear to be random. They don't seem to spell anything out at least.

Card Values
  set value: $20-25
  unopened box: $80
  single: $0.25
  sticker: $1

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Card NumberDescription
2653rd Series - Introduction
266Han Solo
267Princess Leia
268Luke Skywalker
271Darth Vader
272Boba Fett
279Lando Calrissian
282Imperial Ships Approaching!
283The Courageous Trench Fighters!
285Rebel Protocol Droids
286Within the Hidden Base
287Calrissian of Bespin
288Testing the Carbon Freezing Process
289Flight of the X-Wing
290Dodging Deadly Laserblasts!
291The Lovers Part
292Canyons of Death!
293Magnificent Rebel Starship
294Old Friends . . or Foes?
295Power of the Empire
296Threepio in a Jam!
297Swamp Plane!
298A Hasty Retreat!
299Hostile World of Hoth
300Descent into Danger!
301Luke . . Long Overdue!
302Toward the Unknown
303In Search of Han
304Luke's Desperate Decision
305Emerging from the Pit
306Busy as a Wookiee!
307Portrait of an Ugnaught
308The Wizard of Dagobah
309Emergency Repairs!
310Han on the Icy Wasteland
311The Walkers Close In!
312Toward Tomorrow
313In the Path of Danger
314The X-Wing Cockpit
315Hero of the Rebellion
316Vader's Private Chambers
317Aboard the Executor
318The Ominous One
319Lord Vader's Orders
320"He's Still Alive!"
321Lando's Warm Reception
322The Landing
323Their Last Kiss?
324Bounty Hunter IG-88
325The Icy Plains of Hoth
326Luke Astride His TaunTaun
327Rebel Snowspeeders Zero In!
328Champions of Freedom
329Inside the Falcon
330The Training of the Jedi
331Yoda's Instruction
332The Warrior and the Jedi Master
333Imperial Snow Walker Attack!
334The Asteroid Chase
335Approaching Planet Dagobah
336Power Generators
337Beauty of Bespin
338Dreamlike City
339Luke's Training
340Snow Walker Terror
342Cloud City Reactor Shaft
343Yoda's Home
344Escape from Bespin
345Deadly Stompers
346Snow Walker Model
347Of helmets and Costumes
348Filming the Star Destroyer
349Millennium Falcon Miniature
350Launching an X-Wing
351Model Star Destroyer
352Checklist -- 265-352
67F O
68R I
69A E
70B X
71U I
72W U
73M N
74C D
75O U
76H E
77E O
78Y U
79A K
80A V
81E S
82Q L
83A I
84I O
85Z T
86G J
87E I
88A P