Topps - US - Empire Strikes Back Giant Photocards (1980)

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A set of 30 cards. The Empire Strikes Back Photo cards are oversized cards, sized at 5" by 7". The cards feature images from the ESB movie. The backs of the first 15 cards show a checklist (complete with miniature pictures) for the first 15 cards, and the backs of cards 16 - 30 contain a checklist for the last 15 cards. These cards were issued by Topps in 1980.

The move to oversize cards was not one Topps did without testing the waters of the consumer market first. For this reason, a more limited test version of this set is also available. These cards had text on the back, rather than the photo checklists found on the back of the regular issue cards. For a modern collector, attempting to complete both sets can be difficult.

Although less common than many of the regular trading cards issued by Topps, the Giant Movie Photo cards are not 'rare'. The cards are still easily found, and often in excellent condition, perhaps because many of these cards were displayed like mini-posters by those who purchased them, rather than bound up in rubber bands and traded on playgrounds like their smaller counterparts.

Card Values
  set value: $20-25
  unopened box: $30
  single: $1-2

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Card NumberDescription
1Darth Vader
2Lando Calrissian
4Leia and Han Embrace
5Vader and Luke Duel
6Vader and Boba Fett
7Han and C-3P0
8Yoda and Luke Train
9In the Cockpit of the Falcon
10Leia and Chewbacca
11Bounty Hunters
13Luke on TaunTaun
14Into the Asteroid Field
15AT-ATs in Battle
16Darth Reaches Out
18Falcon and Star Destroyers
20X-Wing Near Dagobah
21Looking Out on the Galaxy
22Snowspeeders Attack
23Darth Vader
24Han Solo
27Luke and Yoda
28Droids on Hoth
30Cast Photo