FKS - UK - Empire Strikes Back Stickers (1980)


In 1980, with the release of the Empire Strikes Back the U.K. received a collectible sticker album and stickers. This album was similar in style to a Panini album. Available only in the U.K. the album and stickers are less commonly found than similar Panini albums.

A brief checklist is provided below for some of the 225 stickers in the set. As my personal set is incomplete, I am not able to provide a complete checklist at this time.

If you have additional information, or can help make this checklist more complete, please e-mail me.

Thanks to Vince for help in obtaining the stickers I presently own. And thanks to Andy Dukes for adding a great deal of information about many of the stickers I don't own.

I am looking to eventually complete my set. I do have some duplicate stickers to trade.

Card Values
  set value: $?
  single: $0.50 - $1

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Card NumberDescription
1The Dark Lord Strikes Back
2Luke Skywalker
3Princess Leia Organa
4Han Solo
5? Han Solo
7? Artoo Detoo
8Lando Calrissian
10Lord Darth Vader
11Boba Fett
12The Imperial Probot
13"Where's Luke?"
14"Where's Luke?" (part 2)
15Droids on Patrol
16? The Hidden Rebel Base
17? New Rebel Strategy
18General Rieekan
19Leia's Plan
20Fighting Against the Empire
21Chewie's Task
22? Roar of the Wookiee
23The Resisters
24The Desperate Plan
25? Prey of the Wampa
26Examined: Luke's Tauntaun
27Luke . . . In Trouble
28"But Sir, I Mmh . . . Mffh . . ."
29? In Search of Luke
30? The Searcher
31? Info the Fray
32? The Lost Warrior
33Against the Elements
34The Life-saving Tauntaun
35Frozen Death
36? Skywalker's Return
37? Luke's Fight For Life
38? Rejuvenation Chamber
39Surgeon Droid
40? Medical Treatment
41Artoo's Icy Vigil
42? Tracking the Probot
43? Metal Monster
44Zeroing in on Chewie!
45Han Aims For Trouble!
46? Destroying The Probot
47Death of Admiral Ozzel
48The Freedom Fighters
49Rebel Defenses
50Armed Against the Enemy
51Joined by Dack
52The Trenches
53? Deep Within the Base
54The Sound of Terror
55Suddenly . . . Starfire!
56Suddenly . . . Starfire! (part 2)
57? Rattled By The Enemy
58Might of the Imperial Forces
59The Snow Walkers
60Imperial Assault!
61Luke . . . Trapped!
62Escape From Icy Peril!
63"Retreat! Retreat!"
64"Retreat! Retreat" (part 2)
65? Narrow Escape!
66Headquarters in Shambles
67Solo's Makeshift Escape
69Vader and the Snowtroopers
70? Snowtroopers of the Empire
72Moments Before the Fall
73Gallant Warrior
74Pilots Race to Their Ships!
75Pilots Race to Their Ships! (part 2)
76? Last Stages of the Battle
77? Into the Air
78? The Empire Strikes
79? Star Pilot Luke Skywalker
80? The Awesome One
81? Vader's Soldiers
82? Blasting the Rebel Ships
83? Millennium Falcon, Getaway Ship!
84Emergency Blast Off!
85Emergency Blast Off! (part 2)
86? Battle of the Star Destroyer
87? Fix-It Man Han Solo
88? The Man Called Han Solo
89? The Falcon in Repairs
90? Skills of the Star Pilot
91An Alarmed Threepio!
92Han's Desperate Plan
93? An Overworked Wookiee?
94"Oh, Hello There, Chewbacca!"
95A Sudden Change of Plan
96Misty World of Dagobah
97Artoo's Bumpy Landing
98Mysterious Planet
99The Creature Called Yoda
100"Welcome, Young Luke!"
101Journey Through the Swamp
102Yoda's House
103Artoo Peeking Through!
104The Secret of Yoda
105The Secret of Yoda (part 2)
106Working Against Time
107? Time is Running Out
108The Princess Lends a Hand
109Repairing Hyperdrive
110? Han and the Princess
111Han and the Princess (Part 2)
112The Wookiee at Work!
113Star Lovers
114"Pardon Me Sire But . . . Ohhhh!"
115? World of Darkness
116Mysterious and Deadly Chamber
117World of Darkness
118? Taking No Chances
119Attacked by Batlike Creatures
120"Use the Force, Luke!"
121Raising Luke's X-Wing
122Farewell to Yoda and Dagobah
123The Lord of Evil
124The Lord of Evil (part 2)
125The Cruel Ones
126Soldiers of the Empire
127? Soldiers of the Empire (part 2)
128A Gathering of Evils
129The Bounty Hunters
130The Bounty Hunters (part 2)
131IG-88 and Boba Fett
132Dengar on the Executor
133Enter Lando Calrissian
134Warm Welcome for an Old Buddy!
135? Conniving Pals
136Kindred Spirits
137Young Senator From Alderaan
138Don't Fool With Han Solo
139"Greetings, Sweet Lady!"
140Calrissian's Aide
141Lobot's Task
142Ally ... Or Foe?
143A Brave Princess
144A Swarm of Ugnaughts
145Threepio ... Blasted to Bits!
146? A Pile of See-Threepio!
147Escorted by Lando
148Escorted by Lando (part 2)
149Corridors of Bespin
150The Scheme Revealed
151Dinner Guests
152Grim Reception
153"Get Back Quick . . . It's Vader!"
154? Deflecting Solo's Blasts
155Alas, Poor Threepio!
156Held by the Stormtroopers
157The Ordeal
158Han's Torment
159Han's Torment (part 2)
160The Prize of Boba Fett
161The Prize of Boba Fett (part 2)
162His Day of Triumph
163Lando's Game
164? Led to Their Doom
165? Deadly Device
166The Carbon-Freezing Chamber
167? In The Devil's Domain
168End of thee Star Warriors?
169A Tearful Farewell
170Han's Final Moments
171? Into The Firey Pit!
172Pawn of the Dark Lord
173? The Ugnaught
174"No! This Can't be Happening!"
175"No! This Can't be Happening!" (part 2)
176Tears of a Princess
177Sinister Smoke
179Evil Triumphs
180? The Fate of Han Solo
181"You Lied to Me, Vader!"
182The Captor
183Boba's Special Delivery
184Observed by Luke
185Luke Arrives
186Ready for Action
187The Search for Vader
188"Where are You, Skywalker?"
189Courage of Skywalker
190? Dark Lord of The Sith
191? The Pursuer
192... Or the Pursued?
193Weapon of Light
194The Confrontation
195Duel of the Lightsabers
196A Droid Gone to Pieces!
197? Threepoi's Free Ride
198Held by the Enemy
199? Their Chance For Freedom!
200Escape From Their Captors
201Lando ... Friend or Foe?
202Leia Takes Control!
203Blasting the Stormtroopers!
204? Artoo To The Rescue
205? Bounty Hunter Boba Fett
206Lando Covers Their Escape!
207Racing to the Falcon!
208Spectacular Battle!
209"Embrace the Dark Side!"
210? "Hate Me, Luke! Destroy Me!"
211On the Verge of Defeat
212"Do You Have a Foot in my Size?"
213Ralph McQuarrie Painting: Probot
214Ralph McQuarrie Painting: Falcon on Hoth
215Ralph McQuarrie Painting: Snow Walkers
216Ralph McQuarrie Painting: The Pursued
217Ralph McQuarrie Painting: Darth Vader
218Ralph McQuarrie Painting: Swamps of Dagobah
219Ralph McQuarrie Painting: Cloud City
220Ralph McQuarrie Painting: Lando's Greeting
221Ralph McQuarrie Painting: Threepio's Destruction
222Ralph McQuarrie Painting: Luke Battling Darth
223Ralph McQuarrie Painting: The Final Stand
224? Ralph McQuarrie Painting: Rescue
225Ralph McQuarrie Painting: Ion Cannon