Burger King - ANH Cards (1980)


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Card Values
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Card NumberDescription
A1The Wonderful droid, R2-D2
A2Han Solo in action
A3Star Pilots prepare for battle
B1Luke Disguised as Stormtrooper
B2Flight of the Millennium Falcon
B3Captured by the Jawas
C1One of the Sandpeople
C2Stormtrooper Attack
C3Jedi Warrior Ben Kenobi
D1Cantina Denizens
D2Han and Chewie mean business
D3Search for the Droids
E1Weird Cantina Patrons!
E2Jawas of Tatooine
E3Princess Leia Organa
F1Space Adventurer Han Solo
F2Raid on the Death Star
F3R2-D2 and C-3PO