Topps - US - Star Wars Series 5 (Orange Border) (1977)

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The final series of Star Wars cards issued by Topps in 1978. This card set contained a final 66 cards and 11 stickers. The cards for this set were orange bordered, and the stickers had an orange 'film strip' style border. This set of cards expanded to include more behind the scenes coverage of the film. The box also advertised more Cantina scenes, perhaps in response to feedback from kids collecting the cards and stickers.

My cards came in a box from series four that had simply been covered over with a few small stickers to indicate that the cards were for the fifth series, an interesting way to recycle left-over materials from the previous series.

Card Values
  set value: $25-30
  unopened box: $75
  single: $0.25 - 0.50
  sticker: $1
  wrapper: $0.50

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Card NumberDescription
265Anxious Moments for the Rebels
266Threepio and Leia Monitor the Battle
267No-Nonsense Privateer Han Solo!
268Ben Prepares to Turn Off the Tractor Beam
269Droids on the Run!
270Luke: Farmboy Turned Warrior!
271"Do You Think They'll Melt Us Down, Artoo?"
272Corridors of the Death Star
273"This is All Your Fault Artoo!"
274Droids Trick the Stormtroopers!
275Guarding the Millennium Falcon
276It's Not Wise to Upset a Wookiee!
277Bizarre Inhabitants of the Cantina
278a Narrow Escape!
279Awaiting the Imperial Attack
280"Remember Luke, the Force Will Be With You"
281A Monstrous Thirst!
282"Hurry Up, Luke We're Gonna Have Company!"
283The Cantina Musicians
284Distracted by Solo's Assault
285Spiffed Up for the Awards Ceremony
286Cantina Denizens
287Han and Chewie Ready for Action!
288Blasting the Enemy!
289The Rebel Fighters Take Off!
290Chewie Aims for Danger!
291Lord Vader Senses the Force
292The Stormtroopers Assemble
293A Friendly Chat Among Alien Friends!
294Droids Make Their Way to the Escape Pod
295Han and the Rebel Pilots
296Artoo-Detoo is Abducted by Jawas!
297Inside the Sandcrawler
298Chewie Gets Riled!
299Leia Wishes Luke Good Luck!
300Luke, the Star Warrior!
301A Crucial Moment for Luke Skywalker
302Threepio and Artoo
303Various Droids Collected by the Jawas
304The Jawas Ready Their Merchandise
305Director George Lucas and "Greedo"
306Technicians Ready C-3P0 for the Cameras
307A Touch-Up for Chewbacca!
308Directing the Cantina Creatures
309The Birthday Celebration for Sir Alec Guinness
310Filming the Awards Ceremony
311The Model Builders Proudly Display Their Work
312Using the "Blue Screen" Process for X-Wings
313The Birth of a Droid
314Shooting in Tunisia
315Inside the Millennium Falcon
316Photographing the Miniature Explosions
317Filming Explosions on the Death Star
318"Make-up" for the Bantha
319Dave Prowse and Alex Guinness Rehearse
320Flight of the Falcon
321George Lucas Directs his Counterpart "Luke"
322Constructing the Star Destroyer
323Aboard the Millennium Falcon
324Chewie Takes a Breather Between Scenes
325The Princess Gets the Brush!
326Animating the "Chessboard" Creatures
327Filming the Sandcrawler
328X-Wings Positioned for the Cameras
329Sir Alec Guinness and George Lucas
330Filming Luke and Threepio in Tunisia
45A Crucial Moment for Luke Skywalker
46Chewie Gets Riled!
47Threepio and Artoo
48Various Droids Collected by the Jawas
49Luke, Star Warrior!
50Director George Lucas and Greedo
51Technicians Ready C-3P0 for the Cameras
52The Jawas Ready Their New Merchandise
53Directing the Cantina Creatures
54Leia Wishes Luke Good Luck
55A Touch-up For Chewbacca!