Topps - US - Star Wars Series 4 (Green Border) (1977)

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For the fourth series of Star Wars cards, Topps moved on to the color green. The stickers for this set had a 'movie reel' style border.

Again there were 66 cards and 11 stickers. The most famous or infamous bit of trivia about this set was the accidental inclusion of an image some parents thought was obscene. No, really. It doesn't seem the sort of thing you associate with Star Wars, and maybe that's why the 'obscene' card is still famous even today.

Various stories exist about how the image came to be included in the set, everything from an accidental trick of the light, to a deliberate prank by either a LucasFilm or a Topps employee. However it happened, it made card number 207 one of the most famous vintage Star Wars cards ever produced.

Card number 207, as it was originally printed, appeared to give C-3P0 an added appendage that would not be particularly necessary for a droid. For this reason, the card is often referred to by collectors as the obscene version of the card. In reality, the added appendage (which might indeed be a trick of the light in the photograph) isn't terribly noticeable at first glance, and far from being obscene, is somewhat humorous in appearance.

Parents of course were not amused, and as rumors about the existence of an 'obscene' Star Wars card circulated, complaints began to come in. Topps responded by reprinting card 207 for subsequent print lots.

It is a myth that the obscene 207 is rare. It is not rare. The same number of 207 cards were printed as any other card in the initial print run. In other words, thousands and thousands of these cards were printed. The same is true of the corrected version of the card. Neither card is particularly hard to locate.

It is true that the card is generally over priced when being sold. Most collectors want to own a copy of this unusual card, and generally they want to own both versions. For this reason, because demand for the card is artificially high, prices tend to range from $5-20 for this one card. Collectors should consider carefully what they are willing to pay for the card however, by keeping in mind it is not scarce.

Card Values
  set value: $30
  unopened box: $80
  single: $0.50
  sticker: $1
  card 207: $5-15

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Card NumberDescription
199The Star Warriors Aim for Action!
200C-3P0 Searches for his Counterpart
201Raid at Mos Eisley!
202Inquiring About Obi-Wan Kenobi
203A Band of Jawas
204Stalking the Corridors of the Death Star
205Desperate Moments for Our Heroes!
206Searching for the Missing Droid
207C-3P0 (Anthony Daniels)
Note: there are two versions of this card
208Luke Skywalker on the Desert Planet
209The Rebel Troops
210Princess Leia Blasts the Enemy
211A Proud Moment for Han and Luke
212A Stormtrooper is Blasted!
213Monitoring the Battle
214Luke and Leia Shortly Before the Raid
215Han Bows Out of Battle
216Han and Leia Quarrel About the Escape Plan
217The Dark Lord of the Sith
218Luke Skywalker's Home . . . Destroyed!
219The Swing to Freedom!
220"I'm Going to Regret This!"
221Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher)
222"Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?"
223Han Solo covers his friends
224Luke's secret yen for action!
225Aunt Beru Lars (Shelagh Fraser)
226Portrait of a princess
227Instructing the Rebel pilots
228R2-D2 is inspected by the Jawas
229Grand Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing)
230Guarding the Millennium Falcon
231Discussing the Death Star's future
232The Empire strikes back!
233Raiding the Rebel starship
234Envisioning the Rebel's destruction
235Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)
236Readying the Rebel fleet
237The deadly grip of Darth Vader
238Uncle Owen Lars (Phil Brown)
239The young star warrior
240Artoo's desperate mission!
241The Rebel fighter ships
242Death Star shootout!
243Rebels in the trench!
244Waiting at Mos Eisley
245Member of the evil Empire
246Stormtrooper - tool of the Empire
247Soldier of evil!
248Luke suspects the worst about his family
249Ben Kenobi (Alec Guinness)
250Luke and Ben on Tatooine
251An overjoyed Han Solo!
252The honored heroes!
253R2-D2 (Kenny Baker)
254Darth Vader (David Prowse)
255Luke poses with his weapon
256The marvelous droid See-Threepio!
257A pair of Jawas
258Fighting impossible odds!
259Challenging the evil Empire!
260Han Solo (Harrison Ford)
261Fury of the Tusken Raider
262Creature of Tatooine
263The courage of Luke Skywalker
264Star pilot Luke Skywalker
34The Star Warriors Aim for Action!
35Han Solo (Harrison Ford)
36Star Pilot (Luke Skywalker
37The Marvelous Droid See-Threepio
38R2-D2 (Kenny Baker)
39Creature of Tatooine
40Darth Vader (David Prowse)
41A Pair of Jawas
42Luke Poses with his Weapon
43Stormtrooper - tool of the Empire
44Monitoring the Battle