Topps - US - Star Wars Series Two (Red Border) (1977)

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The second series of Star Wars cards was almost as popular as the first, and continued the numbering scheme found in the first series. Card borders were slightly less dramatic, switching to a solid plain color, but the cards themselves were generally very similar in content to the first series. Kids were still enthusiastic about collecting these cards with images from the film and the chance to collect favorite characters.

Card Values
  set value: $30
  unopened box: $100
  single: $0.25
  sticker: $1

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Card NumberCard Description
67See-Threepio and Luke
68The Millennium Falcon
69Threepio's Desert Track
70Special Mission for Artoo-Detoo
71The Incredible See-Threepio
72Ben Kenobi Rescues Luke!
73The Droids Wait For Luke
74Luke Skywalker on Tatooine
75Darth Vader Strangles a Rebel
76Artoo-Detoo on the Rebel Starship!
77Waiting in the Control Room
78Droids to the Rescue
79Preparing to Board Solo's Starship!
80"Where has R2-D2 Gone?"
81Weapons of the Death Star
82A Daring Rescue!
83Aboard the Millennium Falcon
84Rebel Pilot Prepares for the Raid!
85Luke on the Sand Planet
86A Mighty Explosion!
87The Droids Try to Rescue Luke!
88Stormtroopers Guard Solo's Ship
89The Imprisoned Princess Leia
90Honoring the Victors!
91Solo and Chewie Prepare to Leave Luke
92Advance of the Tusken Raider
93Stormtroopers Blast the Rebels!
94Interrogated by Stormtroopers
95Sighting Artoo-Detoo!
96The Droids on Tatooine
97Meeting at the Cantina
99Ben with the Light Saber!
100Our Heroes at the Spaceport
101The Wookiee Chewbacca
102Rebels Prepare for the Big Fight!
103Stormtroopers Attack Our Heroes
104Luke's Aunt and Uncle
105Imperial Soldiers Burn Through the Starship!
106A Message From Princess Leia!
107The Tusken Raider
108Princess Leia Observes the Battle
109Ben Turns Off the Tractor Beam
110Threepio Fools the Guards!
111Chewie and Han Solo!
112Threatened by Sand People!
113Ben Hides From Imperial Stormtroopers
114Planning to Escape!
115Hiding in the Millennium Falcon!
116Honored for Their Heroism!
117Chewbacca Poses as a Prisoner
118R2-D2 and C-3P0
119Threepio, Ben and Luke!
120Luke Destroys an Imperial Ship!
121Han Solo and Chewbacca
122The Millennium Falcon Speeds Through Space!
123See-Threepio Blasts a Stormtrooper!
124Threepio Searches for R2-D2
125Luke in Disguise!
126A Quizzical Threepio!
127The Rebel Fleet
128Roar of the Wookiee!
129"May the Force be With You!"
130Pursued by the Jawas
131Spectacular Battle!
132Lord Vader and a Soldier
Sticker NumberDescription
12Han and Chewbacca
13Alec Guinness as Ben
14The Tusken Raider
17Threatened by Sand People!
18The Rebel Fleet
19The Wookiee Chewbacca
20R2-D2 and C-3P0
21The Millennium Falcon Speeds Through Space!
22Spectacular Battle!
WrapperWrapper Description
Darth VaderWrapper Back: Coming This Fall!…Exciting Star Wars Games, Paints, Puzzles and other Long Playing Toys from Kenner