Panini - Europe - Star Wars Stickers and Album (1977)


Panini issued a number of different albums for stickers in various countries in 1977, 1980, and 1983. In America, only a Return of the Jedi album was issued, but several countries were given a chance to collect and paste stickers for Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back as well. There doesn't seem to have been a particular pattern for how albums were distributed. Unlike the European albums issued in 1997, these albums were completely unique to each country, making them a fun collectible.

The German Star Wars album is large in size, with great artwork on the cover showing the various characters, and a very well-lit death star. The inside cover provides some interesting background for the film. All text in the album is in German. A title a the top of the page proclaims, "Ein Abenteuer Im Jahr 3000." Today, we would never think of Star Wars taking part in a particular year, and certainly not in the year 3000!

The introduction explains that Star Wars is George Lucas' third film, and gives brief details on THX-1138 and American Graffiti. The description for Star Wars includes a brief note on each of the characters, including a statement that "Ce-Dreipeo" and "Erzwo-Dezwo" (C-3P0 and R2) are reminiscent of "Dick und Doof."

The album allowed collectors to collect a total of 256 stickers. I have detailed them below with descriptions of the pictures they formed. Where multiple stickers are used to form a single image, they are listed together.

Card Values
•  set value: $30-40
•  unopened box: $30
•  single: $0.25
•  album: $5-10

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Card NumberDescription
1The heroes face the audience at the awards ceremony.
2 - 7Artwork of X-Wings in flight.
8Star Destroyer chasing the rebel ship.
9A different view of the chase.
10The rebel ship is raised into the Star Destroyers bay.
11Rebel troops prepare to defend their ship.
12Leia gives R2 the plans.
13 - 14Stormtroopers
15Stormtroopers searching the ship.
16 - 17Darth Vader arrives at the battle.
18Interrogating Captain Antilles.
19 - 20C-3P0 and R2
21View from the escape pod.
22Leia with her blaster.
23Vader confronts Leia.
24C-3P0 in the desert.
25R2 in the desert.
26Jawas aim their stun gun.
27 - 28The Jawas carry away R2.
29 - 32Artwork of a Sandcrawler.
33Jawas prepare to raise R2 into their Sandcrawler.
34Placing a restraining bolt.
35 - 37Droids before the sandcrawler.
38Jawa fiddles with R5-D4.
39C-3P0 and Luke talk.
40 - 43Luke looks at R5-D4.
44 - 47Luke and the droids in the repair shed.
48Luke fixes C-3P0.
49The hologram of Leia.
50 - 51Luke and C-3P0 outside the shed.
52Luke in his landspeeder.
53 - 54Luke and the droids in the desert.
55Luke uses his binoculars to look at the Tusken Raiders.
56A Tusken Raider.
57 - 58The Tusken Raider attacks Luke.
59Raiding Luke's landspeeder.
60Obi-Wan Kenobi
61 - 64Luke, the droids and Obi-Wan.
65Luke and Obi-Wan help up a wounded C-3P0.
66 - 67Inside Obi-Wan's hut.
68Watching the image of Leia.
69Vader and Tarkin
70 - 71Cleaning up around the Jawa Sandcrawler.
72Luke discovers his family.
73 - 76Stormtroopers surround Luke's landspeeder.
77Luke in his landspeeder.
78Han and Chewie
79Luke and Obi-Wan
80Han Solo
81Inspecting the Falcon
82Sandtroopers on the streets of Mos Eisley.
83 - 86Arriving at the Falcon.
87Stormtroopers at the space port.
88Han and Chewie fire back.
89 - 91Fallen stormtroopers at the spaceport.
92Luke and Obi-Wan strap in for the ride.
93Watching the Falcon take off.
94Han Solo
95A pair of Star Destroyers.
96Entering hyperspace.
97 - 98In the cockpit of the Falcon.
99A captive Leia.
102Tarkin questions Leia.
103Tarkin, Leia and Darth Vader watch the destruction of Alderaan.
104The Death Star fires.
105 - 108Inside the Millennium Falcon.
109Luke practices with his lightsaber.
110The Death Star
111Tarkin discusses issues with the Moffs.
112Arguing about Imperial policies.
113 - 116Stormtroopers guard a captured Falcon.
117Luke and Han in the Death Star control room.
118Han and Chewie
119Luke and the Droids
120Luke hands Han the binders.
122Leia in prison.
123 - 126The escapees discuss their plan.
127Stormtroopers on guard.
128Luke and Leia reach a dead end.
129Luke and Leia trapped.
130Luke and Leia swing.
131 - 134C-3P0 and R2 at a Death Star computer.
135Trapped in the prison bay.
136Obi-Wan disables a tractor beam.
137Obi-Wan and Darth Vader duel.
139 - 140Two Jedi duel.
141Luke shouts "No!"
142Stormtroopers fire.
143A Stormtrooper firing.
144Vader inspects the Falcon.
145 - 146Running toward the Falcon.
147Han and Leia entering the Falcon.
149Chewie and Han
150Han inside the Falcon.
151The Falcon escapes.
152Leia and Chewie in the cockpit.
153 - 156The Falcon
157 - 160A Star Destroyer
161Darth Vader
162Han Solo
163TIE Fighter
164Luke preparing to fight the TIEs
165TIEs approach the Falcon
166 - 167C-3P0 inside the Falcon
168R2 extinguishes a fire.
169The Falcon's guns fire.
170Han hits a TIE.
171 - 172Luke hits a TIE.
173A happy Luke.
174 - 175Luke is consoled by Leia.
176C-3P0 all tangled up.
177Luke and Han in the cockpit.
178A concentrating Han Solo.
179 - 181General Dodonna briefs the troops.
182At the briefing.
183Luke before his X-Wing.
184 - 187X-Wings in a hangar.
188Han takes his reward.
189Chewie with the reward.
190A pensive Luke.
191Climbing up to the X-Wing cockpit.
192 - 193R2 is raised into the X-Wing.
194Luke in his X-Wing gear.
195 - 196Artwork of X-Wings being prepared for battle.
197The Death Star approaches.
198Yavin Sentry
199X-Wings in formation.
200 - 201X-Wing
203Luke in his X-Wing.
205 - 207Artwork of the Death Star.
208X-Wings above the Death Star.
209Leia watches the battles progress.
210 - 211Leia and C-3P0
212The Death Star
213Tarkin and Vader
214The Imperials make battle plans.
215 - 218X-Wing fires on Darth's TIE
220TIEs in formation.
221 - 223TIE battles X-Wing.
224 - 229Artwork of an X-Wing above the Death Star.
230TIE Fighter
233 - 235Artwork of TIE and X-Wing battle.
236Crashing into the Death Star.
237A victorious Han.
238 - 239Artwork of an X-Wing in the Death Star trench.
240The Death Star explodes.
241 - 244The awards ceremony.
245Han winks at Leia.
247 -248Han, Luke and Chewie approach the dais.
249 - 250Luke Skywalker
251 -252Princess Leia
253 - 254Han and Chewie
255 - 256C-3P0 and R2